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Wolf-shifter fully transformed

A Wolf-Shifter is a type of Fae Shapeshifter species that transforms into a wolf.

Character arc

There are Wolf-Shifters in both Light Fae and Dark Fae clans. Dyson is a Wolf-shifter.

Dyson shifts
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Wolf-Shifters are Fae species capable of changing between a human and a wolf form at will. They are also able to change only a part of their body, such as their eyes or teeth. Even in human form, a Wolf-Shifter possesses superhuman physical prowess that can be used to overpower human enemies and Fae.

Dyson using partial transformation

Wolf-Shifters appear to have an affinity for a warrior life, as those that have appeared in the series have all been warriors or mercenaries for at least part of their lives.

Lycanthrope symbols

Lycanthrope is the language of wolf-shifters and shared by members of both Light and Dark Fae clans. Its symbols are found engraved on them as tattoos and on special artifacts.

Hale mentioned that there is more than one kind of "canine-shifter."

The mortal enemy of the Wolf-Shifter is the Lupercus.


A Wolf-Shifter has several supernatural powers apart from the ability to shift into a wolf: superhuman strength, speed, heightened senses, agility, reflexes, stamina, healing factor, longevity.

Wolf-Shifters seen in episodes

  • Dyson
  • Stefan: member of Dyson's wolf pack (deceased)
  • Cayden: member of Dyson's wolf pack
  • Silas: a Dark Fae (probably deceased)

In Lost Girl: The Game

Wolf-Shifter icon

The modern term, Lycan, now exists as another description for Wolf-Shifters. Lycans are an advanced form of wolf shapeshifters that have much greater control over their ability to transform and use their wide range of senses and powers.


  • Although in one episode a wolf (Dyson) was said to mate for life, this is actually a romantic notion. In nature only the Alpha wolf of the pack is the wolf that breeds and he mates with an Alpha female. The two stay mated until the female dies, after which the Alpha male finds another strong female in the pack to mate with and her ability to breed elevates her to Alpha status.[1][2]
  • There are many types of wolves in nature.[3]


(Apart from Dyson)