When God Opens a Window
Season 5, Episode 4
LG-(504) When God Opens a Window
Air date December 28, 2014
Written by Steve Cochrane
Directed by Mairzee Almas
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When God Opens a Window is the fourth episode of Season 5.


  • Steve Cochrane


Bo and Tamsin disagree over a young Fae who asks for help. Trick turns to Dyson with a mysterious case and an unwanted partner.



Tamsin shares (504)
Bo-Tamsin-Mark (504)
504 Fae kryptonite (mineral siblings)
Lauren and Bo - benefit from human touch (504)
The Hunter-Kelly (504)
Lauren tranquilizes The Hunter (504)
Dyson and Lauren - human sacrifice (504)
Fae cult sacrifice (504)
Bo and Mark (504)
Elizabeth Helm (Zee) (504)
Mark and The Hunter (504)
Bo-Dyson-Mark OMG (504)
Evony (The Morrigan) (504)
Fae mystery creature cryonic cell (504)
Dyson wolf-shifts (504)-2
Bo comforts Dyson (504)
Triskele - Fae cult symbol (504)

Songs and Music

  • Born To Ruin  by Wildlife
  • Just One Wink  by Cathy Go
  • Laugh Yourself To Sleep  by Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party


  • The title of the episode might derive from "The Sound of Music" where Maria says to Captain Von Trapp, "The Reverend Mother always says, 'when the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window'." Although variations of the idiom has been commonly, but incorrectly, attributed to Bible verse, the phrase (When God closes....) is not found in either Old or New Testament.
  • A Triskelion or triskele is a motif consisting of three interlocked spirals, three bent human legs, or three bent/curved lines extending from the center of the symbol. The triskelion symbol appears in many early cultures. The triple spiral motif is a Neolithic symbol in Western Europe. It is considered a Celtic symbol but is in fact a pre-Celtic symbol.
  • The triple spiral or triskele is a Celtic and pre-Celtic symbol found on a number of Irish Megalithic and Neolithic sites. The triple spiral is one of the main symbols of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, often standing for the "three realms" — Land, Sea and Sky, or for one of a number of deities who are described in the lore as "threefold" or triadic.