Sylvie (Wanblee) (301)

Sylvie, a Wanblee

A Wanblee is a rare Light Fae with a highly-developed olfactory sense.

Character arc

Sylvie, Bo's cellmate in Hecuba Prison, was a Wanblee. After she was artificially impregnated and about to give birth, Lauren had to take her clothes off because she had coated them with the secretions of Skunk Ape to mask her human scent from The Warden, Amazon guards, and Fae prisoners. She explained to Bo that if a newborn Wanblee smelled the essence of a Skunk Ape it would blow up "like a party balloon" from the overwhelming stink.

Newborn wanblees are born with plumage and resemble birds before their first molting, after which they become much cuter in appearance.


  • In Hail, Hale, Bo smelled the stink of Skunk Ape on the EMTs that put Dyson in their ambulance – the same stink that Lauren used on herself in Caged Fae to fool The Warden, Amazons guards, and Fae prisoners by coating her clothes with the secretions of Skunk Ape so that they would not detect her as human. After having learned from Lauren that a Wanblee baby would blow up if it smelled a Skunk Ape, Bo told the EMTs that Dyson was a Wanblee to test if they were actually Skunk Ape Fae and they ignored her, revealing that they were neither.
  • In the mythology of the Sioux Nation (the "Eagle People") of North America, the Wanblee is an eagle which acted as a messenger for Wakan Tanka. The eagle rescued and married a girl who was the only survivor of the great flood caused by Unktahe. They mated and produced a boy and girl who became the progenitors of a new tribe, thereby becoming the father of the Sioux nation. It is referred to as Wanblee Galeshka by the Lakota Sioux.[1]