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Vex is a Dark Fae Mesmer and the hitman for The Morrigan.

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First appearance: Vexed










Dark Fae


Owner of the Carpe Noctem

Known Relatives:

Clust (Father)
Massimo (Foster son)
(Una Mens caused death of all blood relatives)


  • Control the locomotor system against the will
  • Longevity

Portrayed by:

Paul Amos

Character arc

Vex is used by the Dark to deal with any Dark Fae who breaks the clan's rules. His power has been used to convince a human police force that his victims either committed suicide or murdered each other, or to have them execute a Fae considered criminal.

He has assimilated well into human society and owns Carpe Noctem, a Gothic and BDSM nightclub, that doubles as a meeting and feeding ground for the Dark Fae as well as a human club to avoid suspicion. He owns several clubs and to obtain a liquor license he must uphold a "human reputation" and keep the human city council happy.

Vex and The Morrigan have a complicated relationship (it is unconfirmed if it is platonic or not). Where they stand with one another is constantly changing.

According to circles close to The Morrigan, Vex could move up in the world if The Morrigan was deposed.

According to Vex, The Morrigan is afraid of him since he is even more popular with the Dark Fae Elders than she is, and was devious enough to orchestrate an intrigue with a street painter client of hers in an attempt to take her down.

Vex mesmerizing Bo
1.11 "Faetal Justice"

In Vexed, he had used his mesmer power to force a fellow Dark Fae, Lou Ann, to murder her own children (conceived with a human) – Cody, Jacob, and Lucas – as punishment for falling in love with a human and choosing him over her Dark clan. He was tasked by The Morrigan to hunt down and kill Siegfried, a vampire who was selling secrets to the Light Fae and to Bo that could have compromised Dark security. He manipulated Siegfried into forcing his hand into a sink rotor shredder, mutilating himself with it before Vex ripped out his heart. When Bo discovered Vex's involvement in Lou Ann's conviction for murder, she decided to exact revenge and go after him when she couldn't save her from execution.

The Ash – out of concern that the unaligned Succubus could endanger the peace between Light and Dark clans if she were to kill Vex, and be executed by The Morrigan as punishment – ordered Lauren to find a way to distract Bo until he could arrange an agreement with The Morrigan regarding Vex. Despite Lauren's attempts to stop Bo and telling her that she could get hurt by going after him, Bo confronted Vex in his nightclub with weaponry. Vex was expecting her, but after a brief combat was stopped in his tracks when Bo used a Siracon weapon against him. Vex then told Bo that he knew about her mother and she stopped herself from killing him. Dyson and Kenzi arrived at the nightclub and Dyson stopped Bo from attacking Vex again, explaining to her that "If you kill him they won’t stop until you’re dead." Vex left after Dyson warned him to leave.

Vex mesmerizing Bo
1.11 "Faetal Justice"
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In Faetal Justice, Vex declared that the Redcap called Ba'al was a very dear friend of his but was still a suspect in Ba'al's death because loyalty matters nothing to Vex. Later, he tortured Dyson on The Morrigan's orders to force him to confess not to Ba'al's murder, but to what he knew about Bo. Bo and Kenzi interrupted him just as The Morrigan ordered Dyson's death, saving Dyson and exposing Silas, a bartender at Carpe Noctem and a Wolf-Shifter, as the killer of Ba'al. The reason for it was that Silas wanted to prevent Ba'al from killing Portia, a human young woman he loved. Vex then began to torture Silas for treason against his clan. Bo previously discovered that Ba'al's duty in Carpe Noctem was supplying unaware victims and slaves for BDSM in the VIP rooms, and that victims had their memories erased so they didn't know what had happened to them.

In It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away, Vex declared that the murdered Scorpion Man was a personal friend of his.

In Into the Dark, Vex was trying to hide from the Redcap gang and devised a plan to manipulate The Morrigan into banishing him to the dungeon. His plan succeeded until he was brought into allegiance with Bo as the "champion" of The Ash to rid the world of The Garuda.

In Caged Fae, three weeks after the battle with The Garuda, Vex was hanging around The Dal and stopped Kenzi from intervening in the arrest of Bo after she had committed many Fae crimes (done intentionally so that Bo would be sent to Hecuba Prison). Vex visited Dyson at the 39th Division, asking to do lunch and wondering if he had a new partner since Hale had become the "Acting Ash". Dyson told him that he worked better alone, until Vex revealed some interesting information about the prison. He returned to the station with Kenzi, dressed in an S&M-styled police outfit, after discovering that the prison doctor had been found torn to shreds by something or someone very powerful.

Dyson, Kenzi and Vex go to Hale with this information and they demanded that Bo's mission be aborted. Hale replied that he was going to do so after getting a call from the prison infirmary, thinking it was a misdial since all he heard was yelling on the other end. Dyson and Kenzi headed to Hecuba Prison to save Bo (who was with Lauren, as Lauren had been sent by Hale as an undercover doctor to find out what had happened to the doctor of the prison, who had been her Light Fae mentor), but Vex stayed behind saying he was bored. After the duo leave, Vex flirtatiously commented that if Hale ever needed him he was at his call.

4.02 "Sleeping Beauty School"

In Hail, Hale, Vex overpowered and tied-up The Morrigan, threatening her with a stun gun. In In Memoriam, Vex had captured and imprisoned The Morrigan in a cell within her own quarters, taking over her position as leader of the Dark Fae. We later find out that he had permanently damaged one of her eyes with the stun gun. However, his brief reign is brought to an end when The Una Mens begin their Fae inquisition and punishment of all those who violated or failed to adhere to the Codex of Laws that govern the Fae universe.

Una Mens masks
4.02 "Sleeping Beauty School"

They tortured Vex to find out the whereabouts of The Morrigan, and he promised to give them Bo in return for them sparing his life. While he was being interrogated and tortured it was revealed that Vex is the last of his species (Sleeping Beauty School). The Una Mens exterminated all Mesmers, but Vex was somehow spared when he was a child. In Let the Dark Times Roll, he told Bo that both Light Fae and Dark Fae had hunted Mesmers because The Una Mens feared their powers.

After Vex asked about his family, Trick told Vex that his father, Clust, had been his best general and a hero. After Hale's death at the hands of Vex's foster son Massimo (End of a Line), Vex became isolated from Bo and her circle for a time.

He returned as their ally in When God Opens a Window, working with Dyson at Trick's behest and eventually helping Dyson to save his son, Mark, from a hunter bent on killing him.

Oracle appears as Mark to seduce Vex
5.07 "Here Comes the Night"

In Here Comes the Night, the Oracles appeared to Vex in the guise of Mark and seduced him in the wine cellar of The Dal. When Vex later asked Trick how the Oracles chose what form to appear in, Trick revealed that they take the form of the person their target desires most. This made Vex realize the depth of his feelings for Mark, much to his own dismay.

He did not reveal this to Mark or anyone else (though Evony guessed), but he did make it a point to be there for Mark, telling him to call if he needed anything. This gesture later saved Mark's life when he was stabbed and called Vex, who brought him to Lauren and Dyson in time to be saved (End of Faes).

Mark and Vex grew closer after this, with Vex eventually confessing to Mark that he regretted the horrible things he had done in the past. Not long after, Mark told Vex that he'd chosen to be with him. They were shown to still be together in the series finale Rise, when Mark escorted Dagny to The Dal to meet her half-sister, Bo.


Vex's sexual orientation is bisexual.

At the start of the series Vex is sadistic, amoral, and lacks remorse for forcing someone to kill those she loves (Lou Ann), or torturing and mutilating himself before death (Siegfried). In In Memoriam, Vex used his mesmer power to force an assistant to burn her own face with a hot iron, and later forced a woman at a nightclub to break her own neck.

Vex has a blue and wicked sense of humour, and flirts suggestively with both men and women.

2.06 "It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away"
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He can be friendly but he cannot be trusted. Vex ingratiated himself with Bo and Kenzi and stayed with them in The Clubhouse, but to save his own skin he agreed to turn Bo over to The Una Mens in Sleeping Beauty School.

Vex is chaotic, with moods swinging from childish and playful to violent and murderous in an instant. He is prone to psychologically tormenting and provoking his opponents.

Although he is a favourite of the Dark Elders, they know that he cannot be easily controlled. Bo surmised that he has no true allegiance with anyone and will just as soon kill an ally as he would kill a foe.

As the series progresses, it's revealed that Vex does experience remorse for the sadistic cruelty and murders he had committed, but he does not always allow this to stop him from doing terrible things when he considers it a matter of his own survival.

By the end of the series, he expresses genuine remorse for all the horrible things he's done in the past, and proves himself willing to die rather than betray his newfound group of friends and allies, who he claims are the only people who have ever accepted him.


  • Kenzi: Vex has a mercurial friendship with Kenzi, based mostly on their shared love of fashion and cosmetics. Though he does seem to genuinely care about her, he was willing to betray her to save himself.
  • Massimo: Vex took him under his wing and raised him when The Morrigan rejected her human son, Massimo, and left him under his care. (Origin)
  • Clust: His father. A highly admired and respected general in the army of The Blood King. Vex never got to know him as he was among the Mesmers who died in the destruction of the mesmer race by The Una Mens.
  • Mark: Vex fell in love with Mark, but did not tell him. Eventually, Mark made the first move and they began a romantic relationship.


  • BO: You cut out Siegfried's heart, and you forced a woman to drown her own children.
    VEX: Well, I never said I was perfect, did I? – (Vexed)
  • "The only positive of having your entire race obliterated is that you inherit one big, bloody, bank account." – to Clio (Sleeping Beauty School)
  • "That's a tall tale me mommy used to tell me to scare me from fiddlin' with myself in public." – to Bo (about The Wanderer) (Let the Dark Times Roll)
  • "My heart's been locked, and chained, and dropped to the deepest, darkest ocean. I haven't got a bloody clue what my heart wants anymore." – to Mark (Here Comes the Night)


  • His sexual orientation until season 5 was of a sexually "kinky" heterosexual who was not shy about being sexually suggestive with males and flirting with them; but in Here Comes the Night he consented to oral sex with an illusion of Mark created by the Oracles.
  • In Let the Dark Times Roll it is revealed that Vex named his own hands. His right hand is 'Ginger' and his left hand is 'Fred'.


Showcase character description

Vex (Paul Amos)  (2014)

A Dark Mesmer with a hard S&M outside, a nougaty inside and the kind of sharp Brit wit that can induce a giggle or cut to someone’s core, Vex began as a vile enemy in season one, grew to be a cautious ally by the end of season two, and eventually became Bo and Kenzi’s roommate and an almost-friend by the end of season three.[1]