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Virago a-go-go Virago a-go-go 18 April 2015

Final season on Syfy USA: Name that cut!

All episodes broadcast in the United States are edited. American viewers do not see the same Lost Girl seen by Canadians. British and Australian audiences also get the original, uncut versions. So now in its final season, what will be trimmed for Syfy U.S. — and what will stay?

Name that cut!

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Virago a-go-go Virago a-go-go 8 April 2015


Lost Girl's infamous plot holes. Will we ever know the answer or see a resolution:

  1. Lou Ann (1.08): what happened after resurrection? Where is she now?
  2. Bo and Lauren's promised "talk" (1.13).
  3. Kenzi's debt to The Morrigan (2.15).
  4. Lachlan's wax-sealed letter (2.20): what did it contain? Where did it go?
  5. Val Santiago: where did she go after the battle against The Garuda (2.22)?
  6. Bo breaking Dawning rules of The Temple by taking Dyson (her "Hand") when she exited (3.09): no consequences?
  7. Lauren's brother (4.04): who is he? Where is he?
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Virago a-go-go Virago a-go-go 31 October 2014

What path will the series choose for Bo in the end?

The crux of Lost Girl has been a protagonist that defies expectations, and the slogan for the series is:  "Everyone has vampires. We've got a succubus."

Besides positioning itself as a TV show  that bucked the popular vampire genre followed by other supernatural and fantasy televisions series of the time, Lost Girl positioned itself as atypical from what you are served with other lead female characters. It also portrayed bisexuality and homosexuality as a fact of life that no one questioned or was surprised by, and non-"traditional" relationships were as valued and compatible as heterosexual relationships.

With this in mind — regarding the two lovers that have been a major element of Bo's emotional and sexual evolution since the conception of…

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