Looking at the site, I wonder if it might benefit from some more categories, and, if so, which? It seems to me that grouping the origins of Fae by the mythologies and cultures from which they come could well help, and possibly some kind of threat rating might also be appropriate (from a human standpoint). Perhaps also some delineation of classes, such as whether a shaman does or does not belong with 'Witches'. Should there be a separate label for pages which contain only 'out of universe' information? Would an 'Unseen' category, for folk and Fae only mentioned, be useful?

Obviously, endless new categories, each with only a couple of members, would be pointless, but at present there seem to me to be very few. I was also considering whether a page mapping out a category tree might not be helpful, if people were considering where to assign a particular page. As I said at the start, these are just random thoughts, and I would be interested in the feedback of others.

I just read your comment. Re creating more categories: first check Content for what already exists in the wiki. Thereafter, we'll all have a better handle about what other(s) to create. Virago a-go-go (talk) 12:41, November 4, 2013 (UTC)