This is something I've thought a lot about. Being a gay woman, I'm really very fond of Valkubus. Bo and Tamsin are super cute together and it's pretty awesome to have an actual LGBT couple on regular television. I know that going into season 4 the future of their relationship is a little in doubt, with Rachel Skarstan saying she's all team Dyson and everything. That being said, here are the pros and cons I see with the major relationships that Bo has had and the reasons why I think Tamsin really is the best for Bo.  However the next season goes (especially with the addition of new cast members) I just really want Bo to be happy and not have to worry about drama in her love life!

Dyson x Bo

Bo and Dyson (Season 2 publicity)

Bo and Dyson

Pros -
  • He's really loyal to Bo, even going with her into tmeple for The Dawning
  • Dyson is Fae, so he can keep up with Bo's "hunger"
  • He can only mate once, for life, so he's kind of stuck with Bo 

Cons -

  • He is impulsive, doing stupid things to try and help (going to the Norn, for example)
  • His mating once for life could also be a con (if Bo doesn't choose him, he could become spiteful)

Lauren x Bo

Pros -

Bo & Lauren lost-girl-promo-featured

Lauren and Bo

  • She helped Bo in season one, without telling The Ash, risking punishment
  • She's amazing with science and can heal/cure Bo if she's ever poisoned 

Cons -

  • Lauren always seems to have a secret agenda (saving Nadia, running away from the Light Fae, etc)
  • She is never entirely truthful with Bo, even when they are in an actual relationship
  • She is human, so they cannot maintain a monogamous relationship like Bo wants

Tamsin x Bo

Pros -  *Tamsin is an amazing warrior and can protect Bo 

  • She went against The Wanderer (Odin) to try to save Bo
  • She's sassy and totally badass
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    Bo and Tamsin

Cons -

  • Until she fell in love with Bo, she was on a mission to kill her
  • Bo's father might possibly still have a hold over Tamsin
  • Tamsin is also close to the end of her life cycle