• Bhawna.pathik

    I  love lost girl and known the show since 2012, I know i was a late started  and this show is not shown to free to air  so didnt know what it was about.  Well I did I loved it as I am into fantasy stories with vampire zombie and werewolf.  The best part of the show was when I saw zoie plamer in white lab coat  appearing. I love all the characters in lost girl specially the female casts.  I am crazy about Zoie  folllowed by Anna silk and not forgetting  emmanuelle the leader

    I love the series Lost Girl and first Time I this show was in 2012 when I was bored and have seen all the fantasy series. Found this series after my girlfriend teasing me lost girl early in the morning so end up typing as thought she was giving me name for a TV show, s…

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