Okay, while I'm not sure if anybody else blogged about this, BUT something has been boggling my mind ever since I saw the Amazon listing.

We all know that season five is the final season of the show and that it stopped mid-season and finished up later, but why in the world did this motivate Giant Ape/FUNimation to split the season in half for the US? Did they think Michelle Lovretta got screwed akin to Seth MacFarlane when Family Guy had it's first cancellation, but in reverse (season one was split, making one half seaon one, while the other went into season two, and as a further result season two has both Meg's voice actresses, Lacey Chabert and Mila Kunis)?

Unrelated Side note: I bought the DVD yesterday, despite not having or seen season four (which I know A LOT of fans hated, but hey, I have a lot in my collection that fans of other things hated or were disappointed by, like the Star Wars prequels and Jackie Chan and Jet Li's Forbidden Kingdom , and personally like those, so I'll judge for myself), so I thought what the heck, it's the last season. Weirdly, I get (understandably in LG's case) asked for age verification on this and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2014) Season one, but for something likeCowboy Bebop , (speaking of FG, MacFarlane, and Star Wars) Family Guy's Laugh it Up Fuzzball trilogy (UNCUT versions to be exact, so uncensored F-bombs galore), and for bonus measure, me buying SW VII: Force Awakens was totally okay without verification (granted Episode VII is a PG-13 movie like Episode III, but still, I needed verification for freaking Star Wars prior). Wal-mart needs to sort out their priorities when it comes to this (among more serious issues they have, but I digress)...