Okay, although I'm more of a newer fan of Lost Girl (started watching last year when it was announced that season five would the last... perfect timing on my end, I suppose, still haven't gotten to season three though, having only the first two seasons on US DVD, thankfully uncut and closer to the UK/Canadian version I first watched, kinda like uncut/Japanese versions of anime or UK/Hong Kong version of Police Story, as I'm not sure how the US Netflix version was handled, but I digress), so you won't see me much (or at all) here... BUT...

A few days ago the ten-eleven (depending on the version) year old Star Wars video game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (particularly the PC version) gets an update which includes an additional achievement system (at least on Steam) . One of said achievements is what you get if you recruit the seductively dressed bounty hunter (and potential Jedi apprentice to the light aligned Exile, "cannonically" Meetra Surik) Mira, called: "Lost Girl"

Like I said, likely a coincidence or way too common of a term, but I think it's kind of interesting and funny the achievement has that name after the several Star Wars references in season two (maybe I missed some in season one, but like I said, haven't even started S3).

Then again, I probably wrote a little too much on this. :P