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I am a  Bureaucrat  and  Administrator  of the Lost Girl Wiki.

I am currently the only active Admin.

If you wish to participate in editing pages, please take a few moments to read and follow the  procedures  of the Lost Girl Wiki.  Please also familiarize yourself with the  policies  of this wiki.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the wiki, please leave a message on my  talk page  and I will respond as soon as possible.

My favorite Lost Girl character(s)

The Morrigan
The Keeper
Cassie  ( an Oracle )

A pinch of information about Virago a-go-go

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I am a writer by calling and profession. I've worn the hats of employee and freelancer.  Background:  Library and information science, Publishing, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism (print and wire services), Television (production assistant, field producer, news writer).

[ A broadcast news writer learns how to condense an otherwise long news story into :25 and :30 seconds, with narration to match the video that accompanies the story. You learn to write in a conversational style that becomes a pointed "active voice" catching the attention of millions of listeners. ]

I bring my writing and editing skills to this wiki's table — I won't always use them, but when I think an article can use more information and/or some text rephrasing, I'll turn them on.  I also contribute my organizational skills to the wiki.

My goal as an Administrator is for the Lost Girl Wiki to remain a relevant, accurate, useful, and attractive source of information about Lost Girl, which I consider a fun and groundbreaking television show.

Contributions to Wikipedia

I was a Wikipedia editor before becoming Admin of the Lost Girl Wiki.  I have provided a considerable amount of diligence and information to the  Lost Girl  article on  Wikipedia  under my Wikipedia user name  Pyxis Solitary.  Whatever I have contributed to that main article and Wikipedia's  "List of Lost Girl episodes" and individual seasons articles (including other articles associated with Lost Girl)  —  I have contributed to the Lost Girl Wiki.  Conversely, I have furnished Wikipedia articles with information that first appeared on the Lost Girl Wiki.

By the way:  this is not Wikipedia, where bots make changes to the contents of articles (such as original U.K./European date formats of articles cited in references);  any user can delete the contribution of another editor because it's allowed by a Wikipedia Manual of Style that may be counterintuitive to the history and purpose of an article;  personal agendas can result in misinformation;  and no registered user or anon IP address is banned for vandalism or malicious edits unless a bureaucratic council debates justifying the ban before approving it.  This is the  LOST GIRL WIKI  and the fundamentals for participating in it are stated up-front in the  Policies and Procedures — and where the consequences for  malicious edits and vandalism  are swift, without hemming and hawing or kicking cans down the road.

What is the role of a Bureaucrat and an Administrator

Bureaucrat  is one level up from an Administrator. Bureaucrats can grant bureaucrat and administrator rights, and "rollback" permissions to users on their wiki. They can revoke chat moderator and administrator rights, and rollback privileges. They are not able to revoke another user's bureaucrat status (only Wikia staff can), but they can revoke their own.

An  Administrator  (also referred to as a "Sysop") is a trusted user of the wiki who is given access to certain restricted technical tools on it. Administrators are users who proved themselves to be reliable editors of their wiki and have worked their way up to become an administrator. Being an administrator makes "ADMIN" appear next to the user's name on their userpage.

• Admin abilities
  • Delete and undelete pages, histories, and redirects.
  • Change names of media files, delete files.
  • Lock ( protect ) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without autoconfirmed status or admin rights.
  • Change protection levels and edit protected pages.
  • Very fast "rollback" of undesirable edits.
  • Overwrite existing media files.
  • Remove user avatars.
  • Edit the interface by changing system messages and skins.
  • Block User accounts and IP addresses of Anonymous editors from being able to access the wiki ( after committing vandalism, malicious edits, spam, or harassment ).
  • An Admin is automatically notified whenever a page in the wiki has been edited or created.
• What Admins of this wiki do
  • Keep the wiki updated and organized.
  • Ensure that pages ( articles ) and categories conform with the format and style of the wiki.
  • Correct mistakes in articles and media files.
  • Make syntax, grammar, and copy edit corrections in articles.
  • Assist wiki users as able.
  • Protect pages from malicious editors, vandals, and spammers.
  • Enforce the wiki's policies.

What I think about Administrators of a wiki

  • Admins should be more than just familiar with the subject matters of the wiki they oversee.
  • In the case of a TV show wiki, whatever their favoritism may be about a character, subject or aspect of the storyline, it needs to be kept at a distance.  Admins should be neutral.

What I think about creating or editing pages (articles)

  • I believe in having a comprehensive knowledge about a subject before editing pages about it.
  • I believe in the use of referenced sources when necessary to support information.
  • When it involves a television series, I work from episodes I have viewed more than once. As often as possible, I make sure I can view episodes at will.
  • I also believe in being open-minded about edits because, in the end, it's all about what's best for the wiki.

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