Pain Eater Under Fae (101)

Pain Eater Under Fae

Under Fae are Fae that cannot pass as humans outside of the Fae world.

Character arc

The distinction between Fae and Under Fae is not always clear. It appears that even intelligent Under Fae are not considered to be Light Fae or Dark Fae. As a result, Under Fae can "work" for either side and are unaffected by the usual politics of Fae society.

Satyr Under Fae in Dal cell (306)

Satyr Under Fae

Although some Under Fae have a degree of sentience they are frequently treated as animals, whether or not they can speak or seem intelligent. Some are valuable and sold, while others are hunted for parts. Some are considered pests and trapped, or exterminated.

In the The Kenzi Scale, it was revealed that all Fae must pass an evolutionary rite of passage ritual called The Dawning, or they devolve into Under Fae. The Dawning occurs when a Fae is two hundred or so years-old, and requires extensive preparation to pass its tests.


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