Twig of Zamora (313)

The Twig of Zamora is a magical artifact of Clan Zamora that protects the holder.

The Twig of Zamora is traditionally passed down from father to son, and was given to Hale by his father, Sturgess Santiago, for protection during his inauguration as The Ash. (Hail, Hale)

When The Morrigan released a Dark Fae insect to bite and harm Hale, and stop his ascension as leader of the Light Fae, the insect was obliterated on Hale's neck as if it had touched a bug zapper.

Afterwards, Hale secretly slipped the Twig of Zamora into Kenzi's pocket to protect her when The Morrígan declared that all humans were terrorists and had her arrested. When The Morrígan tried to use a stun gun on Kenzi during her interrogation it prevented the device from working.

Kenzi later pawned the Twig of Zamora, amongst other things, to Massimo in exchange for the ointment that gave her fake Fae powers. Given its powers to protect the one who had it, Massimo kept the Twig of Zamora on himself. In Turn to Stone, Massimo threatened Tamsin's life for a lock of her hair and Bo threw the lock into a cauldron of lava to destroy it. Saying that he needed it for his "mommy", Massimo dropped himself into the cauldron to retrieve the lock of her Valkyrie hair.

Massimo with Twig of Zamora (411)

Massimo with Twig of Zamora

In End of a Line, Massimo returned and revealed that the Twig of Zamora had protected him from burning to death. He used it again to protect himself from Hale's fatal Siren sonic-whistle attack after he discovered Massimo trying to kill Kenzi. 

In Dark Horse, Lauren told Massimo that the power of the Twig was diminishing because he had killed Hale, the last heir of Clan Zamora. When Massimo was momentarily weakened from being chi-sucked by Bo so that she could transfer the energy back into his mother, The Morrígan, Lauren seized the Twig from his pocket and destroyed it, thereby making it possible for Bo to kill Massimo.

Bruce referenced the Twig of Zamora in a poem: "To Clan Zamora, a gift bestowed. Immune to evil deed, to blow. For he who carries sacred twig, immortality shall cling."