Truth and Consequences
Season 2, Episode 19
LG-(219) Truth and Consequences
Air date March 11, 2012
Written by Grant Rosenberg
Directed by Lee Rose
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Truth and Consequences is the nineteenth episode of Season 2.


  • Grant Rosenberg


Bo confronts a very powerful Fae, uncertain whether she can trust The Ash’s counsel. The coming War takes its first casualties – literally and figuratively – which challenges Bo’s and Kenzi’s commitments to the cause and the ones they love.

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Peri (219)-1


The Ash asks Bo to kill The Glaive on the suspicion that she has sided with The Garuda. After consulting with Trick, who agrees with The Ash's suspicions, Bo investigates The Glaive for herself.


Double-crosser Glaive

The Glaive attempts to capture Bo but is unsuccessful. Bo, instead, captures The Glaive and brings her back to The Ash to be placed under his custody.

Kenzie breaks up with Nate in order to protect him and to be by Bo's side in the upcoming battle with The Garuda.

219 Lauren shower (Truth and Consequences)

Lauren attempts to inject a cure into Nadia, but Nadia destroys the syringe. While Lauren is taking a shower, Nadia attacks her with a kitchen knife but comes to her senses before hurting Lauren.

219 Nadia attacks Kenzi

Later, Bo arrives at Lauren's apartment and confronts Nadia about her attack on Kenzi. Nadia is mentally unstable and begs to be killed because she feels there is something evil possessing her and is losing all control over herself.

Lauren attacked by Nadia (219)

Bo does not want to follow through on Nadia's request, but when Nadia suddenly turns against Lauren and attacks her, Bo stabs Nadia in the abdomen and kills her.

219 Bo kills Nadia-1

Lauren falls to her knees beside Nadia's body and breaks down in tears of anguish, as Bo leaves the two of them and departs Lauren's apartment.

Nadia death (219)

Songs and Music

  • Close Watch  by Agnes Obel
  • Go On And Kiss Me  by The Raveonettes
  • Some Things I Am  by Kristian Southhouse


  • The shower scene with Lauren is an homage to the shower scene in the Alfred Hitchcock 1960 horror thriller "Psycho."