Stag - Sabine (202)

Sabine, The Stag

The Stag is the prey of the Stag Hunt. The Stag is a Light Fae convict who was sentenced to life in prison by the clan for an act considered treasonous under rules of Fae law. Sabine Purcell was The Stag.

The Stag is always a volunteer and is revered until the hunt. Through their willing sacrifice, The Stag's crimes are forgiven, returning honour to their family name. In theory, The Stag may win by reaching the bell before he or she is killed, thus obtaining freedom, pardon and rights. In practice, however, this never happens as the entire system is slanted against it.


"Through their willing sacrifice, Stag's crimes are forgiven, returning honour to the family name. It's really quite an equitable system...If you had a chance to go out free and fighting instead of rotting in a cell, wouldn't you take it?" – The Blackthorn