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The Morrigan is the leader of the local Dark Fae territory. Until Season 5, she was a Leanan Sidhe and ruled her jurisdiction with a deliciously evil iron hand.

The Morrigan
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First appearance: It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World


The Morrigan


Evony Fleurette Marquise (real name)




Leanan Sidhe
Human (transformed)


Dark Fae


Leader of Dark Fae
Talent Agent

Known relatives:

Massimo (Human Son)
Sisters (Unknown names)
Husband (Human) (Unknown name)


  • Dissolves flesh and bone by touching with hand or pointing
  • Creates fame and fortune for artists and musicians

Portrayed by:

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Character arc

The Morrigan, née Evony Fleurette Marquise, is the wicked, vengeful, punishing, and beautiful leader of the Dark Fae who has made it her mission to put Bo, the unaligned Succubus, in her place – or to death. She rules her territory in equal manner as that of The Ash, leader of the Light Fae.

It's unknown who was first to hold the position of "The Morrigan", or how many have assumed the title. What is, however, known about the history surrounding the title is that the Dark Fae name their leaders after dead warriors (which means that Morrigan was a warrior in the clan's history).

Upon hearing about Bo, a newly-discovered Fae, she immediately went to The Ash's compound with her guards. Dr. Lauren Lewis attempted to stop her but to no avail as The Morrigan insisted on seeing Bo and pushed past the human. She interrupted The Ash's interrogation of Bo, wanting Bo for the Dark Fae.

When The Ash ordered Lauren to take Bo to her lab for examination, The Morrigan ordered her guards to take Bo instead. Though hostilities between the Light and Dark ensued, The Ash put a stop to it, telling The Morrigan that Lauren needed to analyze Bo and that the two of them needed to talk.

Morrigan melts Red Cap
2.21 "Into the Dark"
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While The Morrigan did not believe that Bo was as ignorant about herself as she claimed, The Ash was unsure, and wanted the two of them to work together to solve the problem between their clans presented by the previously unknown succubus. The Morrigan didn't really want to and thought that if they were going to be ridiculed by the Fae of other territories for having Bo hidden from them, it would be best to have Bo killed. As long as Bo was neutral and an unaligned Fae, she considered her a threat. The Ash decided that they would force Bo to choose a clan (Light or Dark).

Bo was taken to the Glass Factory to undergo the mandatory trial of The Gathering, a coming-of-age ceremony young Fae must go through in which they choose allegiance to either the Light or Dark clan, but which Bo had no prior knowledge of, or prepared for. The Morrigan had a private meeting with Bo beforehand where she attempted to get her to reveal information about herself that she might be hiding. The Morrigan explained to her that she would be tested, after which she must choose a side, and that neutrality was not an option. Before she left Bo, she showed sympathy for her having been alone for so long, and advised her to seriously consider which side she wanted (subtly hinting that she should join the Dark Fae).

2.21 "Into the Dark"
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In the two tests Bo was put through, The Morrigan witnessed Bo kill a Troll and defeat a Pain Eater. But after triumphing and asked to choose a side, Bo chose to side with humanity instead of Fae. The Morrigan became furious and still wanted to kill Bo as she was now more of a threat than she previously thought. Trick managed to convince both her and The Ash to let Bo live for the time being, as it would provide an opportunity to unravel the mystery of who Bo was, and how her existence was able to be kept a secret from them. (It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World)

In Hail, Hale, she stopped Hale from being installed as The Ash and tried to torture Kenzi to get information about Bo's lineage, then ordered her death. She declared that all humans claimed or employed by the Fae in the local territory were to be considered terrorists and enemies of "the one true state."

In Season 4, The Morrigan convinced Lauren to join the Dark Fae and granted her a personal liberty that was denied to Lauren under ownership by The Ash, in return for which Lauren would serve as the scientist and physician for the Dark and do the The Morrigan's bidding. Unbeknownst to The Morrigan, Lauren joined the Dark deliberately to help Bo behind the scenes.

4.06 "Of All the Gin Joints"

In Of All the Gin Joints, after The Morrigan made a surprise visit to Lauren when she was getting ready to move out of the Light Fae apartment and into one provided by the Dark clan, they flirted and kissed before The Morrigan departed. Lauren, however, did it to obtain a sample of The Morrigan's DNA.

In Origin, Lauren had created a biology-mutating serum with the DNA and taking advantage of The Morrigan's narcissim offered herself to her. The Morrigan ingested the serum during coition and was transformed into a human, with all her abilities gone.


The Morrigan's sexual orientation is bisexual.

She is a Fae seductress and an evil Muse. She inspires artists and musicians and makes them great — while taking their royalties as their agent. As a Leanan Sidhe, she feeds off their genius. She engages in sexual relationships with them, makes them fall in love with her, drains them of their talents, and drives them to madness and an early grave.

"I can taste it."
4.06 "Of All the Gin Joints"
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The Morrigan is witty and sarcastic, and fast with cutting remarks, responding to situations and observing those around her with mockery and tongue-in-cheek comments.

She is astute and calculating. When she offered Nate, Kenzi’s musician boyfriend, an audition, Kenzi implored her to rescind her offer and spare him, to which The Morrigan agreed but only in exchange for a future favor from Kenzi.

The Morrigan is exacting and demanding. Mayer, a Dark Fae, revealed that all the money he collected by using the luck of certain humans to win betting scores went straight to The Morrigan.

4.03 "Lovers. Apart."

She can inflame and dissolve live bodies with the touch of her hand or by pointing at her target, turning them into puddles of melted flesh and bone. In Lovers. Apart., she melt a human manicurist, and human handyman in Lauren's apartment, without cause.

The Morrigan is vengeful, ruthless, and sadistic. When Dyson was accused of murdering a Dark Fae Redcap named Ba'al, he asked for sanctuary at The Dal. The Morrigan went to the tavern with bodyguards and demanded Dyson be handed over to her. Upon refusal, she had her bodyguards attack Bo and Dyson. Trick, holding a shotgun, told The Morrigan to leave, and she vowed that sooner or later she would "have Dyson's head for her wall". Dyson eventually decided his friends were sacrificing enough for him and went to Vex's night club, Carpe Noctem, where he was captured. Dyson was chained up while Vex tortured him and The Morrigan tried to interrogate him, though to no avail. When she began to get bored she ordered Dyson's death, but when the true murderer was exposed she released Dyson and watched as Vex began to torture the real killer, a Dark Fae.

She had Vex mesmer Lou Ann into killing her stepchildren; and Siegfried was tortured and killed under her orders (Vexed). She hired Tamsin to find evidence against Bo so that she could have Bo "strung up and executed." (The Kenzi Scale).


After stun gun torture by Vex
4.03 "Lovers. Apart."

  • Vex: Serves as her hit man and executioner. As he is a favorite of the Dark Elders, she has a "love-hate" relationship with him. In Those Who Wander, Vex captured and tied-up The Morrigan, threatening to harm her. In the fourth season, we learn that he tortured her and then held her prisoner in a cell within her office (from which she eventually escaped).

Morrigan and Massimo
4.12 "Origin"

  • Massimo: Her human son. The result, she explained in Dark Horse, of a "weak moment" with a 'Wall Street' type during the 1980s that she considered an "infection". He wanted to be Fae, but since it wasn't possible he used the Dark Fae archives to teach himself their secrets. She gave Massimo to Vex and made him responsible for raising Massimo. She treats him with disdain and belittles everything he does.

Morrigan and Lauren
4.06 "Of All the Gin Joints"

  • Lauren: Although she accused "Dr. Lauren Lewis" of being behind the drugging and kidnapping of Dyson, and then convinced the Elders to declare all humans claimed and employed by the Fae to be terrorists and enemies of the One True State (Hail, Hale), when The Una Mens brought fear and retribution to the local Fae territory, and also began to kill humans, she had Lauren tracked down, kidnapped, and delivered to her. She offered Lauren protection in exchange for her service to the Dark Fae and gave Lauren access to the Dark's science medical and testing facilities. Unbeknownst to The Morrigan, Lauren had a secret plan to neutralize the Dark Fae leader through genetic transformation and procured a sample of her DNA with a kiss (Of All the Gin Joints). When Lauren overheard The Morrigan threaten Bo's life, she manipulated her with seduction and during their sexual encounter used a serum developed from the DNA — and The Morrigan metamorphosed into a complete human (Origin). After this, she made Lauren chief of staff of "Marquise Medical Clinic" so that Lauren would develop a new serum to transform her back to Fae again (When God Opens a Window).
  • Eros: They were lovers in ancient times and she fell in love with him, but he left her for Psyche. The betrayal broke her heart. Feeling humiliated, she took her revenge by capturing and locking him inside a cryogenic container, keeping him in the dark since time immemorial. It was because of him that she became purely evil (Here Comes the Night).
  • Sisters: She had to share a room with them while growing up (Here Comes the Night). Their names have not been revealed.
  • Husband: After becoming human and no longer able to continue as leader of the Dark Fae, she married a very wealthy human for his money and the lifestyle it provided (When God Opens a Window). His name has not been revealed.


  • "Oh, I'm sorry, buttercup. But that's just the way our world works, you know that. I get what I want and you... get left behind." – to Kenzi (Table for Fae)
  • "Too long have bleeding hearts like him stood by and watched humans believe that they are the superior beings on this planet. So much so that they've had the hubris to plan an attack against the one, true race, on our own turf, and get away with it! – to Elders (about Hale, humans, and kidnapping of Dyson) (Hail, Hale)
  • "From this day forward all humans, claimed or under the employ of the Fae, in this territory, will be considered terrorists. Enemies of the One True State." – (announcement) (Hail, Hale)
  • THE MORRIGAN: Dismissing the food? Kind of gauche, no?
    BO: That's why there's no way I'm Dark.
    THE MORRIGAN: Oh, please. We're no different from the Light. But did I get judgy with you just now? Yes! But I am already over it….Because there is a refreshing lack of hypocrisy with us. We're honest about what we are, Bo. So why aren't you?
    BO: I know who I am.
    THE MORRIGAN: You're a luscious Succubus who, whose true nature is to feed off of humans -- like the rest of us Fae. You just choose not to. Lame, but, whatevs. – (Let the Dark Times Roll)
  • "Honey, I don't need to claim your clam to claim you." – to Lauren (Origin)


  • In I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won), Hale explained to Bo and Kenzi that Dark Fae leaders take their names from dead warriors, while Light Fae leaders are named after the clan's sacred trees.
  • Unlike the first three Ash in the series, who spent all their the time leading the Light Fae, the Morrigan continues to work her cover job of running a talent agency. This is probably because it's the best means for her to feed. (Trick, chosen as Acting Ash by The Una Mens, still runs The Dal.)
  • In Into the Dark, Paulo informs her that everyone said "The Morrigan was a total MILF". The acronym MILF stands for: "Mother I'd Like (to) F_ _ _". It's a vulgar slang for a sexually attractive older woman (usually one that is also a mother). In Origin, it's revealed that she is Massimo's mother.
  • In Here Comes the Night, she mentions her "sisters". Although little is known about them, The Morrigan is a Muse and there are nine Muses; it can, therefore, be deduced that she has eight sisters.
  • Evony Fleurette Marquise may also have a connection with Trick. In Lost Girl: Prologue he is identified as "Patrick Mac Morrigan", and while most likely a writer's error, it could be construed as an alias he dropped in favor of his current name (which could hint at him originally being Dark Fae). However, in the series, Trick's full name is stated as "Fitzpatrick McCorrigan" (though still a similar sounding name as "Morrigan").
  • The Morrígan ("phantom queen") or Mórrígan ("great queen") is a figure from Irish mythology who appears to have been considered a goddess. The Morrígan is often considered a triple goddess, but this triple nature is ambiguous and inconsistent. Sometimes she appears as one of three sisters, the daughters of Ernmas: Morrígan, Badb and Macha. However, the Morrígan can also appear alone. The Morrígan is usually interpreted as a "war goddess": W. M. Hennessy's "The Ancient Irish Goddess of War", written in 1870, was influential in establishing this interpretation. Her role often involves premonitions of a particular warrior's violent death, suggesting a link with the Banshee of later folklore. Her role was to not only be a symbol of imminent death, but to also influence the outcome of war. Most often she did this by appearing as a crow flying overhead and would either inspire fear or courage in the hearts of the warriors. There are also a few rare accounts where she would join in the battle itself as a warrior and show her favouritism in a more direct manner. There is some disagreement over the meaning of the Morrígan's name. Mor may derive from an Indo-European root connoting terror or monstrousness, cognate with the Old English maere (which survives in the modern English word "nightmare") and the Scandinavian mara and the Old Russian "mara" ("nightmare"); while rígan translates as 'queen'. This can be reconstructed in Proto-Celtic as *Moro-rīganī-s. Accordingly, Morrígan is often translated as "Phantom Queen". This is the derivation generally favoured in current scholarship. In the Middle Irish period the name is often spelled Mórrígan with a lengthening diacritic over the 'o', seemingly intended to mean "Great Queen."[1]


Showcase character description

The Morrigan (played by Emmanuelle Vaugier)  (2011)

The Morrigan is the leader of the local Dark Fae, and feeds off the genius of artists. She leaves talented actors, models and musicians dead in her trail, covering up their true causes of death with excuses like suicides, plane crashes and overdoses. At first, The Morrigan’s manic energy and playfulness seemed charming to Bo, but she soon realized her true selfish, vain and dangerous nature.[2]

The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier)  (2013)

The Morrigan is the leader of the local Dark Fae, and feeds off the genius of artists. She leaves a wake of talented actors, models and musicians dead in her trail, covering up their true causes of death with staged suicides, plane crashes and overdoses. At first, Bo was charmed by The Morrigan’s manic energy and playfulness, but she soon realized her true selfish, vain and dangerously sociopathic nature.[3]


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