The Glaive is a Telepath/Wood Nymph hybrid and one of the highest-ranking officials of the Light Fae.

The Glaive
Glaive (219)
First appearance: Truth and Consequences


The Glaive






Telepath/Wood Nymph hybrid


Light Fae


Writes Fae laws
Enforces Fae laws
Maintains the peace between Light Fae and Dark Fae

Known Relatives:

Tori (Daughter)


  • Mind reading
  • Forcing wood to move at her will

Portrayed by:

Ingrid Kavelaars

Character arc

The Glaive was discovered to be siding with The Garuda and Lachlan, The Ash, charged Bo with apprehending her. After The Glaive ordered Bo killed, Bo threw a knife into her chest and delivered her body to Lachlan.

She did not die because she had a second heart, a fact which Bo was aware of after having helped babysit her daughter, Tori.

Her father was a Telepath and her mother a Wood Nymph, and has the powers and abilities of both parents. Her daughter Tori is also a telepath with two hearts.

The Glaive is an advocate for Fae women's rights.

Unlike other Light Fae leaders, her title is not a sacred tree but the name of a medieval pole-arm weapon.

What The Ash did with The Glaive after Bo turned her over to him is unknown.


The Glaive is a very charismatic woman. Trick said about her: "I've met her a few times over the years. She certainly knows how to turn a phrase and control a room, but that doesn't mean her intentions are necessarily honorable."


Tori: Her daughter, a Telepath.


  • "Unlike our human counterparts, Fae women have held positions of power and importance for centuries. From fierce warriors, like the Celtic Fairy Queens, to wise scholars like the Druids, we historically have been treated as equals." – to attendees at Fae function
  • "I'm a firm believer not only in Fae women's rights, but the individual obligation to make positive change each and every day in the world around us." – to Bo


  • In Death Didn't Become Him, Hale called The Glaive the "Attorney General for all Fae kind." However, in Truth and Consequences, when Bo asked Lachlan about her role in the Light Fae hierarchy he did not use a title to describe her. Considering that the Light Fae and Dark Fae are opposite clans with their own Elders, leaders, and principles of behavior, The Glaive could not be the chief law officer for all the Fae.
  • One of the images illustrating the "Woman's Power" presentation by The Glaive is that of the mermaid in the Coat of Arms of Warsaw, Poland. The "Warsaw Mermaid" is a legendary defender of the city.
  • A "glaive" is a European polearm weapon, consisting of a single-edged blade on the end of a pole. Glaive is also the Middle English word for sword, particularly heavy broadswords that would have been useful against mailed opponents (but were useless against plate armor).[1]