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The Dal Riata, more commonly referred to as The Dal, is the only Fae pub in the local territory. Trick is its proprietor and bartender.

The Irish-themed pub is a Way Station, a neutral ground for members of both Light and Dark clans; and the place where non-local, traveling Fae in the territory check-in. It also serves as the setting for La Shoshain celebrations.

The Dal exterior

In The Dal, Fae do not have to hide who they really are.

While The Dal appears to be a normal bar on the upper level, Trick lives within a large chamber in the basement where he has a few things hidden away.

The Dal interior

The area beneath the tavern contains a library of information with ancient Fae books that not even The Ash and The Morrigan are aware of; a vault for rare and precious artifacts; a tunnel system used to transport Fae and to escape through; and cells in a lower level (to restrain; and to kennel Under Fae, such as a Satyr).

La Shoshain

Bo and Kenzi spend a lot of time hanging out in The Dal, as do Dyson and Hale, and to a lesser extent Lauren.


The Dal before set was created

  • In the series pilot, Vexed, the bar scenes at The Dal were filmed in the upstairs section of the Sláinte Irish Pub at 33 Bowen Street in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The set of The Dal Riata was built after Lost Girl was greenlighted and its design was inspired by the venue.

Sláinte Irish Pub, Hamilton, ON

  • "Dál Riata" was an ancient Gaelic kingdom[1] that roughly consisted of the modern districts of Argyll and Bute[2] and Lochaber[3] in Scotland and County Antrim[4] in Ireland.


(Seen or mentioned throughout the series.)