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| name       = (NAME of EPISODE)
| season     = (enter number)
| number     = (enter number)
| image      = Image:Example.jpg
| airdate    = (enter broadcast date)
| writer     = (enter name)
| director   = (enter name)
| previous   = Episode A (episode before)
| next       = Episode C (episode after)

A New Big Bad Fae
Season 10, Episode 1
Air date November 12, 2016
Written by Mr. Writer
Directed by Ms. Director
Episode guide
Old Big Bad Is Dead
New Big Bad Is Here


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  • Do not add a zero ("0") to decimal numbers from 1 - 9. (For example: 01)
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  • Do not add quotation marks to titles of episodes.
  • Do not link any other info.

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