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Copy & paste the following syntax

|Box title = Character Name
|image = Image:Example.jpg
|caption = First appearance: Episode Title
|Row 1 title = Name:
|Row 1 info =  <--same as Box title-->
|Row 2 title = Aliases:
|Row 2 info =  <--other names specifically known by-->
|Row 3 title = Status:
|Row 3 info =  <--Alive (or) Deceased-->
|Row 4 title = Species:
|Row 4 info =  <--Creature type (or) Human-->
|Row 5 title = Affiliation:
|Row 5 info =  <--Light Fae - Dark Fae - Human - Undeclared-->
|Row 6 title = Occupation:
|Row 6 info =  <--profession, job, work, business-->
|Row 7 title = Known Relatives:
|Row 7 info =  <--name/s & relation (or) Unknown-->
|Row 8 title = Powers:
|Row 8 info =  <--abilities, strengths, skills-->
|Row 9 title = Portrayed by:
|Row 9 info =  [[actor name]] <--actor page even if not yet created-->

... Then ...

Add information in Template info fields

First appearance: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious










Light Fae



Known Relatives:



Beautifies everything in sight

Portrayed by:

Ilea Alliesplant

  • Box title = Name character is commonly known by
  • caption / First appearance = First episode where character is seen
  • Name = Name character is commonly known by (repeat of Box title info)
  • Aliases: Another name the character is specifically known by (used more than once)
  • Status = Is character alive or deceased
  • Species = What Creature is the Fae character — or the character is Human
  • Affiliation = Fae character: Light Fae, Dark Fae, or Undeclared. Human character: Human
  • Occupation = What position, job, business, work does the character have/do
  • Known relatives = Are any relatives seen or mentioned in episode(s) — who (name) and/or what (relation) are they
    Do not include "Deceased" next to name(s) if they are dead
  • Powers = What Fae powers does the character have — or if human, what special skills
  • Portrayed by = Name of the actor that plays the character is enclosed by [[ brackets ]]

Results in

Notes re Template fields

  • Do not tailor template to create a new field. This template is the established standard used in the Lost Girl Wiki.
  • Do not add quotation marks to the title of the episode — it displays italicized.
  • Link the actor name to his or her wiki page (even if not yet created).
  • Do not link any other info except for actor name.
♦ Information about aliases, species, affiliation, powers should be included within the narrative about the character (i.e. Character arc); as well as events, artifacts, places, other characters, etc., related to the character. Key subjects are therein linked to their specific pages in the wiki (if a page does not yet exist, the linking makes it a "wanted page" for the wiki).
  • Do not delete a row if there is no information available to include in its info field – type: Unknown or N/A in the field.
  • Keeping the Box title field empty will result in displaying "No title".
  • If there is no character image available (for example: The Dark King), keep the image field empty.
  • Keeping the Row 1 title info field empty will result in "No title".
  • Keeping any row below Row 1 title & Row 1 info empty will result in that row and the rest of the rows below it to not be displayed.
  • Maximum rows for information: 10 rows (including caption).

Admin: do not move the <noinclude> tag from end of source syntax

The <noinclude> tag next to the last closing bracket ( |} ) of the template prevents the template from adding extra lines on a page and creating a wide space between it and what follows.

Do not alter the positioning of <include> tags.