Hessa (Serket) (215)

Hessa, a Serket

Lana (Serket) (215)

Lana, a Serket

A Serket is a Fae that thrives on giving life, healing, restoring vitality and youthfulness.

Character arc

Hessa and Lana are Serkets. Normally, killing goes against everything a Serket stands for.


In Egyptian mythology, Serket is the goddess of healing poisonous stings and bites who originally was the deification of the scorpion. In Ancient Egyptian art, Serket was shown as a scorpion, or as a woman with a scorpion on her head. Although Serket does not appear to have had temples, she had a sizable number of priests in many communities. Serket was considered a highly important goddess, and was sometimes considered by pharaohs to be their patron. Her close association with the early kings implies that she was their protector, two being referred to as the scorpion kings.[1]