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Showcase poster - Season 3

Naming Lost Girl its "highest rated drama series", on December 9, 2011, Showcase announced that the show had been renewed for a third season with production on thirteen episodes set to begin in Spring 2012.[1][2]

Prodigy Pictures announced the start of principle photography on Season 3 on April 17, 2012, with the season premiere slated for Fall 2012.[3]

On June 5, 2012, Syfy (U.S.) announced that it had renewed Lost Girl for a 13-episode third season to begin in January 2013.[4]

♦  Season 3 premiered on Sunday, January 6, 2013, at 9 p.m.[5]

Season 3
Cast publicity photo

Lost Girl ConFAEdential, a pre-show special roundtable discussion with the Main Cast about the previous two seasons, aired on Showcase before the premiere of the third season. Moderated by Jay Firestone, it featured (in order of introduction) Rick Howland, Zoie Palmer, Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, and K.C. Collins.[6]

Showcase and Prodigy Pictures held a Lost Girl live tweeting event with Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, and K.C. Collins during the broadcasts of the pre-show special and the Season 3 premiere.[7][8][9] Lost Girl  trended at Number 1 on Twitter during the episode's airing.[10]

The thirteenth and final episode of the season aired on April 14, 2013.

Season 3 Lost Girl ConFAEdential title.png

Behind the scenes of
Lost Girl ConFAEdential

Emily Andras, Consulting Producer and Writer during Season 1 and Season 2, became Showrunner and Executive Producer for Season 3. Andras was offered the position of showrunner for the second season, but was unable to accept due to pregnancy and leaving the show temporarily on maternity leave.

Rachel Skarsten joined the cast as Tamsin, a new Fae detective in the 39th Division human police force, and Linda Hamilton appeared as a special guest star in the role of Acacia.[5]

Immediately after the finale of Season 3 in Canada, Prodigy Pictures and Shaw Media (parent company of Showcase) launched Lost Girl: The Game, a free interactive mobile game app for iOS and Android devices.[11] Syfy (U.S.) followed on April 22, 2013, with the United States release.[12]

SF Channel (Foxtel)

In Australia, Season 3 premiered on SF on January 10, 2013.[13] After the demise of SF on December 31, 2013, the rights to the third season of Lost Girl was acquired by SBS (Special Broadcasting Service).[14] The season premiered on free-to-air channel SBS 2 on May 24, 2015.[15][16]

The United States premiere on Syfy (U.S.) on January 14, 2013,[17] was accompanied by a live tweeting event with Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, K.C. Collins, and Paul Amos.[18][19]

In the United Kingdom (UK and Ireland), it premiered on Syfy UK on April 23, 2013.[20]

Effective with the third season, the original Showcase opening title sequence accompanied by Anna Silk's voice-over monologue and Lost Girl Theme Song was replaced with opening credits superimposed over footage of the first scene on episodes for Syfy (U.S.) – thus sparing 30 seconds from the overall cutting of episodes seen in the United States.

The DVD of Season 3 was released in Canada and the United States on November 19, 2013; followed by Australia on December 5, 2013; and the United Kingdom on March 3, 2014.

For the complete history of  Lost Girl  (including gallery and videos) visit:  Lost Girl History.




  • David Greene
  • Gail Harvey
  • George Mihalka
  • Lee Rose
  • Paolo Barzman
  • Ron Murphy
  • Steve DiMarco

Story arc

With Fae society in upheaval, Bo finds herself facing further changes and challenges. Bo recognizes that she wants to be in a committed relationship and tries to be sexually monogamous. She must also prepare for and go through an evolutionary Fae rite of passage that forces her to explore her past and future. Her former ally Hale becomes the Acting Ash – trying to forge a new balance between Light Fae and Dark Fae by appointing Tamsin, a Valkyrie aligned with the Dark, as Dyson's new detective partner in the 39th Division. In the meantime, Tamsin is secretly working for two separate clients: as an agent of The Morrigan, who wants to build a case against Bo to find her guilty of chi-draining a Dark Fae so that she can execute her; and as a mercenary for a mysterious and powerful individual who wants to entrap Bo. The "gift" Kenzi received from The Norn rears its head, and danger escalates when a human scientist convinces a despondent Lauren to join him in conducting scientific research in his private laboratory – while deceptively concealing his intent to harness Fae genetics for himself with the use of her expertise. The season culminates with Bo ensnared by black smoke and disappearing into thin air, presumably whisked away by her mysterious and powerful biological father who may be The Wanderer.

Season 3 Episodes

  1. Caged Fae
  2. SubterrFaenean
  3. ConFaegion
  4. Fae-de To Black
  5. Faes Wide Shut
  6. The Kenzi Scale
  7. There's Bo Place Like Home
  8. Fae-ge Against The Machine
  9. The Ceremony
  10. Delinquents
  11. Adventures in Fae-bysitting
  12. Hail, Hale
  13. Those Who Wander

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Supporting – Guest – Bit Actors

3.01 – Caged Fae
  • Alana Bridgewater as Bremusa
  • Angela Besharah as Jobina
  • Apollonia Vanova as Toxis
  • Azra Valani as Club Patron
  • David Richmond-Peck as Garrity
  • Derek Moran as Gus
  • Ieva Lucs as Thraso
  • Matt Burkhart as Bouncer
  • Paul Amos as Vex  (Mesmer)
  • Raquel Gil-Jimenez as Maeve
  • Sarain Boylan as The Warden  (Liderc)
  • Shondra Kayd as Amazon Guard
  • Tommie-Amber Pirie as Sylvie  (Wanblee)
3.02 – SubterrFaenean
3.03 – ConFaegion
3.04 – Fae-de To Black
3.05 – Faes Wide Shut
  • Ann Hardwick as Maddy
  • Brittany Gray as Delia
  • Caroline Torti as Dancer #2
  • Courtney Van Wirdum As Dancer #1
  • Damon Runyan as Roman  (Bacchus)
  • Jacob Richter as Initiate #1
  • Lady Vezina as Key Club Member
  • Luke Bontius as Hunky Guy
  • Miriam McDonald as Hot Fae
  • Pedro Miguel Arce as Bouncer
  • Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin  (Valkyrie)
  • Sean Clement as Graeme
  • Simon Northwood as Henchman
  • Starr Domingue as Hostess
3.06 – The Kenzi Scale
3.07 – There's Bo Place Like Home
  • Andrew Bushell as Cherry Wine Guy
  • Belinda Bijan as Double Dutch Girl #2
  • Brooke Pastuch as Double Dutch Girl #3
  • Brookelyn Leonard as Double Dutch Girl #1
  • Cherisse Woonsam as Leslie
  • Christopher Kennedy as Dougie
  • Deborah Odell as Stella Nashira  (Lodestar)
  • Jeff Pangman as Brad
  • Matt Purdy as Kyle Williams  [flashback]
  • Nola Augustson as Bo's Mother  (Mary Dennis)
  • Philippa Domville as Lady Polly  (Poludnica)
  • Tara Wilson as Jessica
3.08 – Fae-ge Against The Machine
3.09 – The Ceremony
3.10 – Delinquents
3.11 – Adventures in Fae-bysitting
3.12 – Hail, Hale
3.13 – Those Who Wander

Season 3 Quotes

See  Quotes: Season 3  for collection of memorable quotations.


The  Lost Girl Theme Song  was written by Jody Colero, Marco DiFelice, and Benjamin Pinkerton.

3.01 Caged Fae
  • The Crossing  courtesy APM Music
  • Dyin’ Today  by Sunparlour Players
  • Jack Walsh / Winnie Hayes  by Pint Of Blarney
  • Jailbait  by Stink Mitt
  • Poptimist  by Metro Electro
  • Traveller’s Rest  by KPM Music / APM Music
  • We Don't Own The Road  by The Kills
3.02 SubterrFaenean
  • Around The Sun  by 8MM
  • Crazy World  by In My Coma
  • Movie Star  by Carlin Music / APM Music
  • Voices  by In My Coma
  • Youth Knows No Pain  by Lykke Li
3.03 ConFaegion
  • Don’t Cha  by The Pussycat Dolls
  • Haunt You  by The Pack A.D.
  • Having You Around  by July Talk
  • Hell  by FemBots
  • Hungry Like The Wolf  by Duran Duran
  • Jackson’s Morning Brush  by Carlin Music / APM Music
  • Lost At Sea  by FemBots
  • Nuclear (Instrumental Version)  by Sunparlour Players
3.04 Fae-de To Black
  • Deep Blue Calm  by Sean Nimmons-Paterson
  • Emerald Beauty  by Sean Nimmons-Paterson
  • Hand Print In Wet Cement  by FemBots
  • Here I Am  by Ringer T
  • Karma Breeze  by Christoper George Bilton
  • Keep Me High  by Adaline
  • Ladies Of The Storm  by Samantha Robichaud
  • Meditation Clouds  by Christoper George Bilton
  • Stepple Jack  by KPM Music / APM Music
  • They Clip The Wings Of Birds  by Lioness
3.05 Faes Wide Shut
  • Belly Dancer  by Muzikotek / APM Music
  • Can’t Save Her  by Chantal Claret
  • Friends And Family  by Bruton Music / APM Music
  • Imperial  by Trickbaby
  • Keep It Low  by Hundred In The Hands
  • Marry You  by Liquid Cinema / APM Music
  • Nymphs  by Minuit
  • Orgotica  by Sonoton Music / APM Music
  • Silent Song (EarthRise Soundsystem Remix)  by Eccodek
3.06 The Kenzi Scale
  • Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine  by Kosinus Music / APM Music
  • Don’t Know Why  by Dark Like Snow
3.07 There's Bo Place Like Home
  • Dance D'alayna  by Paul Lenert
  • Kitty Lie Over / Swallowtail  by Pint Of Blarney
  • Like An Animal  by Sunparlour Players
  • Love and Other Disasters (Underscore)  by Rebecca Hosking
  • Lucky Lola  by Derek and The Darling
  • On The Other Side (Underscore)  by Hungrytown
  • Real Men Live In Trees  by Vandarth
  • T-Bone’s Jig  by Samantha Robichaud
3.08 Fae-ge Against The Machine
  • Dummy  by The Angel/Devil
  • Madhouse  by The Black Box Revelation
  • Tijuana Taxi  by KPM Music / APM Music
3.09 The Ceremony
  • Gorgeous A  by Sonoton Music / APM Music
  • The Price You Pay  by Thomas D'Arcy
  • The Wanderer  by Dion & The Belmonts
3.10 Delinquents
  • All Signs Point To Lauderdale  by A Day To Remember
  • Change My Needs  by Scars On 45
  • Back To Blazin  by D.O.
  • Having You Around  by July Talk
  • Malevolent Me  by Hail Archer
  • Say Goodbye (I Won't Even)  by Adaline
  • The Sweet Release  by Ringer T
  • With The New Crowd  by Freedom Fry
3.11 Adventures in Fae-bysitting
  • Dinner For Two  by Sonoton Music / APM Music
  • Paranormal State  by West One Music / APM Music
  • The Wanderer  by Ernest Maresca
  • Whatever It Takes  by Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party
3.12 Hail, Hale
  • Flapper Dapper (c)  by West One Music / APM Music
  • Gravity  by Akua
  • Minstrel Boy  by Sonoton Music / APM Music
  • O’Briens Of Clare  by Carlin Music / APM Music
  • V’la Le Bon Vent  by Sonoton Music / APM Music
3.13 Those Who Wander
  • Night In Ibiza  by AXS Music / APM Music
  • Slippin’ and Slidin'  by Bruton Music / APM Music
  • The Wanderer  by Dion & The Belmonts

Viewers – Ratings: Canada

3.01  =  N/A
3.02  =  N/A
3.03  =  N/A
3.04  =  N/A
3.05  =  N/A
3.06  =  N/A
3.07  =  N/A
3.08  =  N/A
3.09  =  N/A
3.10  =  N/A
3.11  =  N/A
3.12  =  N/A
3.13  =  269,000 [21]

Awards – Nominations

[  None for Season 3  ]

DVD Cover Art

Region 1: Canada and USA

Region 4: Australia

Region 2: United Kingdom



Videos: Trailers - Previews - Sneak Peeks - Interviews


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Ksenia Solo Interview "Good Day New York"

Good Day New York (April 8, 2013)


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The Couch: CBS/New York (April 9, 2013)


Season 3 Ksenia Solo Interview (Associated Press)

AP (Associated Press)

Syfy Trailers - Sneak Peeks - Previews - Features


Syfy Season 3 (Promo)


Syfy (US) Season 3 Trailer (1)


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Syfy (US) 305 Sneak Peek - Faes Wide Shut


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Syfy (US) 308 Sneak Peek (Syfy ERROR)


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Syfy (US) 313 Preview


Syfy (US) 313 Sneak Peek

Showcase – Shaw Media – Prodigy Pictures:  re Season 3

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Lost Girl ConFAEdential – Sunday at 8, Right Before the Premiere!
January 3, 2013. Showcase Blog: Lost Girl (Shaw Media)

New Year, New Season, New Bo
November 13, 2012. Showcase Blog: Lost Girl (Shaw Media)

The Fae-demonium Continues! Production Begins on Lost Girl Season Three
April 17, 2012. Shaw Media (Press Release) [via TV, eh?]

December 9, 2011. Shaw Media (Press Release) [via TV, eh?]

Articles – Interviews – Media Releases

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[ http://lostgirl.wikia.com/wiki/Season_3_Cast_Conference_Interview_(Syfy) ]

Returning: Lost Girl
May 24, 2015. TV Tonight

Lost Girl: Season Three DVD release in March
February 7, 2014. Entertainment Focus (UK)

Best Of TV Awards 2013
January 30, 2014. Canadagraphs

Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Actress: Zoie Palmer "Lost Girl"

Best Of TV Awards 2013
January 26, 2014. Canadagraphs

Best Couple: Dr. Lauren Lewis & Bo "Lost Girl"

The 2013 AfterEllen Visibility Awards Winners
January 3, 2014. AfterEllen

Best Tweeter: Zoie Palmer
Favorite Fictional Lesbian Couple: Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl
Favorite Lesbian/Bi Character: Lauren Lewis, Lost Girl
Favorite TV Actress: Zoie Palmer
Favorite TV Drama: Lost Girl
Hottest Hookup in Film/TV: Lauren and Bo, Lost Girl

Best Canadian TV Of 2013
December 31, 2013. HuffPost Canada TV

Number 4: Lost Girl

Critics vote best Canadian TV of 2013
December 19, 2013. TVGuide.ca

Number 6: Lost Girl

The top 10 lesbian sex scenes on TV in 2013
December 13, 2013. AfterEllen

Number 1: Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl
Number 5: Lauren and Crystal, Lost Girl

Rachel Skarsten: Lost Girl's Latest Supernatural Citizen
December 11, 2013. Reader's Digest

Best Canadian TV Shows: Readers' Choice (VIDEOS)
November 15, 2013. HuffPost TV Canada (The Huffington Post)

Number 14: Lost Girl

Kris Holden-Ried: Hungry like the Wolf
October 2013. Gay Calgary Magazine

Our Favorite Love Birds on TV
September 30, 2013. SheKnows|Entertainment

Bo and Lauren
Wildly popular in Canada, Lost Girl has gained a cult following in the U.S. as well. Bo's (Anna Silk) relationship with Lauren (Zoie Palmer) has also gained a lot of attention. We're happy the writers decided to put these two together — making many fans of the show happy as well.

Announced just moments ago at the Lost Girl panel (Season 3)
July 21, 2013. Take Lost Girl Home

2013 Golden Remote Awards – Best Couple
July 8, 2013. E! Online (E! Entertainment Television)

Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl

Girl on Top 2013 (Favorite TV Leading Ladies)
May 9, 2013. E! Online (E! Entertainment Television)

Zoie Palmer

'Lost Girl' star Anna Silk welcomes baby boy
May 3, 2013. Global News

Lost Girl's Cinematic Fire Starter Zoie Palmer Ignites This Season
April 24, 2013. The Huffington Post Entertainment (The Huffington Post)

Exclusive: Paul Amos on Vex - From Loyalties to Relationships
April 23, 2013. SciFi Vision

Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever
April 12, 2013. AfterEllen

Lauren Lewis (Lost Girl)

Lost Girl cast talks this year's dark season and their S4 renewal
March 11, 2013. Blastr.com

From 'New Girl' to 'I Love Lucy:' our favorite TV couples
February 14, 2013. CNN (Cable News Network)

Number 9: Lost Girl
This Canadian cult series about a succubus has gained a following in the United States as well, and Bo's (Anna Silk) relationship with Lauren (Zoie Palmer, as one of Bo's two lovers on the show) has been the subject of much discussion by "Lost Girl" fans online.

2013 TV's Top Couples: Thousands Voted! And the Winner Is...
February 14, 2013. E! Online (E! Entertainment Television)

Bo and Lauren

EXCLUSIVE: Anna Silk talks "Lost Girl," Doccubus, and prison jump suits
February 12, 2013. AfterEllen

The Erotic Education of Anna Silk: the Lost Girl star on playing a bisexual succubus
February 2013. Toronto Life

Anna Silk and her co-stars talk 'Lost Girl' Season 3
January 14, 2013. Digital Journal

10 Good Reasons to Watch Lost Girl, the TV Show About a Succubus Detective
January 11, 2013. io9.com

'Lost Girl' Anna Silk Pregnant: Actress Shares Pregnancy Details
January 8, 2013. HuffPost TV Canada (The Huffington Post)

"My Fae or the High Fae" is Bo’s New Mantra & Attitude
January 6, 2013. Bulldog Publicity

'Lost Girl' Anna Silk On Season 3's 'Bad' Bo And Guest Star Linda Hamilton
January 4, 2013. HuffPost TV Canada (The Huffington Post)

Lost Girl third season January launch to include special, new app
November 16, 2012. Playback

'Lost Girl' Renewed: Syfy Orders Season 3, Plus Scoop From Insiders
June 5, 2012. HuffPost TV (The Huffington Post)

Syfy Renews Hit Series Lost Girl – #1 Cable Drama Among Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54 In Its Time Period – For Third Season Beginning January 2013 (via Syfy Press Release)
June 5, 2012. The Futon Critic

Syfy renews its sexy succubus series Lost Girl for a 3rd season
June 5, 2012. Blastr

Syfy Renews 'Lost Girl' for Third Season
June 5, 2012. Hollywood Reporter

'Lost Girl' Renewed by SyFy (via Press Release)
June 5, 2012. TV by the Numbers

Lost Girl gets third season greenlight
December 12, 2011. Media In Canada

Lost Girl renewed for season 3 (from Media Release)
December 9, 2011. TV, eh?


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