Rick Howland
Rick Howland
Date of Birth
June 19
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Rick (Richard) Howland is a Canadian film and television actor, and musician.



Howland began with improvisation and an excellent acting teacher. He then spent a few years at a few universities before landing his first gig in a feature film. While at York University he formed the comedy troupe the "Four Strombones". The Strombones performed in comedy clubs around Toronto, Canada, for more than a decade as well as creating a very successful fringe show in 1994. He has hosted comedy shows as well as dabbled in standup comedy. He co-wrote a sit-com called "Rick’s Life with Adam Nashman", an industry-based show that offers up the funny through Rick’s own unique perspective.

Film roles include Harry Buttman in Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006).

As a songwriter Rick has been at it since he was seventeen. He spent most of those years practicing and writing on his own. Howland has two self-recorded albums - one done in a studio and one done in a living room.

Rick Howland plays the core character role of Trick / The Blood King in Lost Girl:

Howland appeared as Trick in the following Lost Girl webisode:

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Year Title Role Notes
1997  The Cellar Zoltan Short film 
2000 Martirio The Butler Short film
2005 Short Tongue Freddy  Freddy Short film
2006 Santa Baby Mr. Elf Short film
2006 Good Cop, Bad Cop Harry Buttman
2006 Citizen Duane Irate Pedestrian
2009 Midgets vs. Mascots Big Red Bush
2011 Underwritten Short film (Director, Writer)
2012 An Insignificant Man Clown  Short film


Year Title Role Notes
1995 To Catch a Yeti Blubber TV movie
1998 The Adventures of Shirley Holmes  Bernie Szabo Episode: The Case of the Bouncing Baby
1998 Once a Thief Actor Episode: Shaken Not Stirred
1999 Traders Rob 'Tiny' Lewis Episode: The Last Good Deal
1999 The Jesse Ventura Story Wrestler TV movie
2001 Club Land Gump TV movie
2002 Escape from the Newsroom Autograph Hound #2  TV movie (The Newsroom TV series)
2004 Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Sal Roland Episode: Concrete Evidence
2005 Crazy for Christmas Kenny TV movie
2007 The Roommate Paul TV movie
2007 Tin Man Red Hatt 3 episodes. TV Mini-Series
2007–2008 Billable Hours Computer Tech 2 episodes
2007–2008 Billable Hours Keach 2 episodes
2008 Murdoch Mysteries Miles Gorman Episode: Child's Play
2010–2015  Lost Girl Trick Main cast
does not appear in:  5.14, 5.15, 5.16
2011 Sanctuary Galvo Episode: Resistance
2012 Lost Girl Finale Pre-Show TV Special (Showcase)
2012 Top Chef Canada as Himself Episode: Lights, Camera, Action!
2013 Lost Girl ConFAEdential TV Special (Showcase)
2013 Lost Girl: An Evening at the Clubhouse TV Special (Showcase)

Web Series

Year Title Role Notes
2013  Lost Girl  Trick  Webisode: Prophecy  (pre-Season 4 special program) 
2014 The Penumbra  Stan 6 episodes

Biography on Showcase (2013)

Rick Howland (Trick)

Actor and singer/songwriter Rick Howland plays the role of “Trick” -- the bartender with a secret -- in Lost Girl Seasons 1 - 3. Staying in the Canadian Sci-Fi series genre he guest starred in Sanctuary. Rick played Hockey League Commissioner, “Harry Buttman,” in Canada’s top-grossing film Bon Cop Bad Cop and also starred opposite rock legend Meatloaf in the feature film To Catch A Yeti. His short film credits include the award-winning Santa Baby, Short Tongue Freddy and Martiro. Selected MOW’s include Jesse the Body Ventura Story, Tin Man and Crazy for Christmas. Howland wrote his own stand-up routine for Club Land, which was directed by Saul Rubinek. He has shared the small screen with the legendary Jayne Eastwood in Endless Grind and conspired with Peter Stebbings in Traders. Other television credits include Billable Hours, Murdoch Mysteries, The Royal Canadian Air Farce, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye and Train 48.

Selected theatre credits include: Veriété (Volcano), Shooting Penguins (Factory), A Short History of Night (Factory) and Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (LKTYP). Howland was also a writer and performer in the Four Strombones comedy troupe that toured Toronto’s comedy clubs for 12 years.

Rick has written numerous scripts and has recently directed his first short film, Underwritten. You can find his two indie albums on iTunes and Amazon.

You can follow Howland on twitter @Rick_Howland or check out his fan page at http://www.facebook.com/RickHowland.Artist

@ http://www.showcase.ca/lostgirl/lostgirlbios.aspx?n=Rick+Howland+(Trick)


Rick Howland (Season 5 Last Day) tweet.jpg



Richard Howland, K.C. Collins, Lina Roessler (2011 TIFF)



Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, K.C. Collins, Paul Amos (2013 Birks Tribute TIFF)

Katie Chats


Season 4 Rick Howland on Trick (Interview)

GATE Magazine


Lost Girl (Interview) Collins, Howland, Holden-Ried (Chicago C&EE 2014)

Giant Ape

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