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This article contains notable Quotes from the first season of Lost Girl by the episodes they are from and attributed to.

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Season 1

1.01 It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
  • KENZI: Learn to enjoy your shit already. You can frickin' control people by touch, and not in a creepy handjob way. That is awesome! – to Bo
  • KENZI: Come on. Every superhero needs a partner. Let me be your Robin. – to Bo
  • BO: Now, for the million dollar question... what kind of Fae am I? – to Lauren
  • LAUREN: My God, you're beautiful. I meant that professionally.
    BO: It's cool. I, uh, I kind of have that effect on people.
  • THE ASH: She's as ignorant as a human. – to The Morrigan (about Bo)
  • THE MORRIGAN: Let's just kill the little bitch and be done with it. – to The Ash (about Bo)
  • BO: I can offer you things. ....[ using succubus touch ].... If we get out of here.
    LAUREN: I know what you're doing.
    BO: You want me to stop?
    LAUREN: No.
  • THE ASH: Child, you may name your side.
    BO: Neither! I choose humans!
  • THE MORRIGAN: You have no station here, old man. Don't you have some shoes to cobble, or a garden to decorate? –  to Trick
  • TRICK: What's meant to be, must be. We can't fight fate. – to Dyson
  • KENZI: Just so we're clear about this partnership, you be you and all...uh...but I'm only into guys. Sorry.
    BO: I'll try to contain my disappointment.
1.02 Where There's a Will, There's a Fae
  • BO: It's kind of tough growing up thinking that you might have a shot at being prom queen and find out that you're part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans.
    KENZI: I hate when that happens.
  • TRICK: Those born of only one Fae don't have any Fae abilities and you most certainly do. 'Guess you'll remain a mystery. – to Bo
  • TRICK: The issue between the Light and Dark Fae is a little more than just not liking each other. We've been on the edge of a war for more than a thousand years.
    BO: That's holding a grudge.
    TRICK: Huh. A war between our people would end the human race as well as ours.
    BO: Well, if you people are so powerful, how do you stay under the radar?
    TRICK: It's more comfortable for us to remain a myth.
  • BO: Where I go, she goes.
    TRICK: You're claiming her?
    BO: Yes.
    TRICK: The girl is with her! Understand, she's your responsibility from this point on. – (about Kenzi)
  • BO: I need to look up the Light Fae's doctor, Lauren. She said that she could help me to take the edge off my lethal libido.
    DYSON: That's asking a lot.
    BO: Not so much.
    DYSON: There are other ways for you to deal with that problem.
    BO: No offense, but I don't wanna owe your team, and I'm looking for a more long-term solution, so...can you get me her number?
  • LAUREN: You don't understand the politics of this world. It could be dangerous for me to even talk to you. – to Bo
1.03 Oh Kappa, My Kappa
1.04 Faetal Attraction
  • KENZI: Okay, I don't know if it's from the buckthorn hallucinations, but that was some serious sparkage. I think she likes you.
    BO: No, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because Lauren is human. I sleep with her, and she dies. – (about flirtation between Bo and Lauren)
  • OLIVIA: Sex with a human. It's beneath us. I feel dirty by association. – to Bo
  • THE ASH: And you...siding with a human over a Fae. You could not take a more foolish position.
    BO: The day is still early.
  • BO: You don't care. You don't die. And I trust you.
    DYSON: Friends with benefits.
    BO: But definitely just friends.
    DYSON: Deal. – (about sex)
1.05 Dead Lucky
  • MAYER: Bad peace is better than good war. – to Bo
  • TRICK: Humans are for feeding off of; not wearing. – to Bo and Kenzi
  • CASSIE (the Oracle): You're a major player. Fate has some serious plans for you. – to Bo
  • KENZI: Dude, I can't believe I backed you with Bo. You made me look like a total tool. The worst part is you treated her like shit but somehow you're forgiven. That is why I'm no longer on team Dyson. – to Dyson
1.06 Food for Thought
  • BO: What about keeping this professional?
    LAUREN: Well, call it "scientific curiosity."
    BO: Okay. Well, you are definitely curious. I'm not so sure it's entirely scientific.
    LAUREN: We need another drink.
    BO: [ laughs ] Yeah, we do.
  • LAUREN: It might help if you stop fighting your true nature. The Fae aren't monsters, Bo, and neither are you. – to Bo
  • LAUREN: The beauty of your kind is how elegantly they've evolved. Sometimes things that seem so fantastic are actually quite simple. – to Bo
  • BO: My training is working. I can probably have sex with humans now. No casualties.
    DYSON: Well, that's a good thing. I guess we have the good doctor to thank for that? She going to be your first test subject?
    BO: Would that be a problem?
1.07 ArachnoFaebia
  • KENZI: For walking viagra, you're such a nerd. – to Bo
  • LAUREN: We're on the same side, Dyson.
    DYSON: No, you're a human that works for my side.
  • KENZI: So did you pick a lover, or did Doctor Freeze and Canine Crotch fight to death?
    BO: Y'know, I don't get it. Dyson is the one that gave me the green light to see other people, and then Lauren shows up and he gets all testy.
    KENZI: Uh, because he has testes. Dudes tend to get irrationally territorial.
  • BO: I have to stop waiting for that guy to become emotionally available.
    KENZI: Don't give up yet. His eyes say "no," but his inner wolf says...ahwooooo-yes. And Lauren?
    BO: She's human. I could kill her.
    KENZI: Thought she fixed your hungry honeypot.
    BO: Yeah, a hell of a test run with someone that I care about.
    KENZI: Poor Bo. So many choices, just one vag.
  • LAUREN: Is it really my loyalties you're worried about or that this time I was Bo's hero? – to Dyson
  • BO: Y'know, I don't understand you. You say that you don't want to be exclusive, that you want to see other people.
    DYSON: This isn't about seeing other people.
    BO: Well, then, what's it about?
    DYSON: I don't trust her.
    BO: I do, and if there's one thing I can say about Lauren, it's that she cares. Are you willing to say the same thing?
    DYSON: Fine. You've made your decision. Next time you need to heal, you call Lauren.
1.08 Vexed
  • DYSON: At least you're healing a lot faster.
    BO: Yeah. Thanks. 'Been working on that with Lauren.
    DYSON: I bet.
    BO: Jesus, Dyson. Leave it already.
    DYSON: She's just leading you on. She's never gonna love you.
    BO: Who said anything about love? And you don't know that.
  • KENZI: Obviously, you can't have Dyson and chase after Dr. Hot Pants anymore. Time to pick a team, dude.
    BO: Teams are stupid.
  • LOU ANN: I fell in love with a human. I knew the rules and I ignored them. – to Bo
  • THE ASH: She is not of my clan nor under my protection. To interfere would be madness. Lesser things have started wars between us. – to Bo (about Lou Ann and the Dark Fae)
  • THE ASH: Child, you mean well, but you toy with elements you don't understand. – to Bo
  • THE ASH: The man Bo seeks is called Vex. He's a favorite of the Dark Fae. If Bo kills Vex, the Dark will kill Bo, and I'm not ready for that until I know more about her.
    LAUREN: Good. How can I help?
    THE ASH: I'll negotiate with The Morrigan to have Vex sent away. You will keep Bo on a leash until he is gone.
    LAUREN: How? I've tried to reason with her.
    THE ASH: She's a succubus. If you want to keep her alive I'm sure you can think of some way to distract her.
  • BO: Hey, Lauren has one of these around her neck. What is it? Some kind of amulet?
    TRICK: Lauren? She's ward of The Ash. She wears his mark.
    BO: Because she works for him.
    TRICK: Fae Elders don't employ humans. They own them. In return for their protection. – (about Lauren's Medallion)
  • TRICK: Most of us feed on the humans in some way. Their blood, energy, emotion. It’s the nature of Fae. – to Bo
  • LAUREN: I heard your friend Lou Ann dropped her appeal. I thought you might not want to be alone right now. Can I ask you something? You barely know this woman. Why are you taking this so personally?
    BO: Because we both want the same things. No matter how miserable I was before you told me that I was Fae, at least I had hope back then that I could live a normal human life one day if I wanted to.
    LAUREN: But do you want a normal life? The picket fence and the kids and….
    BO: I want to know that it's my choice to make, not theirs. Lou made her choice and look at what they did to her. And if I just let that go, if I let them get away with it, then what chance do I have at living a life of my own? And who would want to live it with me?
  • BO: What are you doing? ….[ Bo stops Lauren ].…
    LAUREN: I don't know yet. Just let me.
    ….[ they kiss passionately / Bo stops ].…
    LAUREN: What? What's wrong?
    BO: I don't want to hurt you.
    LAUREN: I trust you.
  • BO: Nobody owns you. – to Lauren
  • BO: You cut out Siegfried's heart, and you forced a woman to drown her own children.
    VEX: Well, I never said I was perfect, did I?
  • DYSON: I wish I could tell you there was some grand conspiracy, but there isn't. Vex, Siegfried, Lou Ann — they didn't know anything about your mother. Nobody does. – to Bo
1.09 Fae Day
  • DYSON: When are we gonna stop keeping Bo in the dark about who her mother is?
    TRICK: As long as we can. You're doing well.
    DYSON: No. I'm lying to her.
    TRICK: You chose to get emotionally involved.
    DYSON: Maybe you should, too.
1.10 The Mourning After
  • SASKIA (AIFE): Okay, gorgeous. You got about ten seconds to tell me why you're hunting on my turf. – to Bo
  • SASKIA (AIFE): Actually, I'm not all that attracted to my own kind. I'm more of a novelty whore. – to Kenzi
1.11 Faetal Justice
1.12 (Dis)Members Only
  • DYSON: I don't wanna share you, Bo. I don't want anyone else's hands on your body, I don't want anyone's mouth on yours. And I know this is the last thing you want to hear right now.
    BO: Why wouldn't I want to hear that?
    DYSON: Because you're a Succubus, Bo. It's not in your nature to be monogamous.
    BO: I am fighting my nature for you. And I am more than just my species.
  • DYSON: Look, I've been through more relationships than you. And I know that lying about who you are and trying to change the person you care about never ends well. I can be intense. I can be territorial. And God knows I can be mule-headed. But I'm also yours, if you'll have me.
    BO: Dyson, you are an idiot. You've been mine for a very long time.
    DYSON: Well you better be careful 'cause wolves mate for life.
    BO: Well, you don't scare me and I am not making any promises. And I'm not asking for any in return. Except one.
    DYSON: What's that?
    BO: We keep talking like this. We stay honest. The only chance we have of making this work is if there are no secrets between us. You promise?
    DYSON: No secrets. I promise.
1.13 Blood Lines
  • ELDER ELLIS: You're crazy.
    SASKIA (Aife): The polite term is mentally unstable. And don't be sexist. Just because a girl has a little ambition doesn't mean she's off her rocker.
  • SASKIA (Aife): I'm so sorry. Those years of captivity and torture, they're hell on a girl's social skills....The Dark King had a sadistic side and thought it a waste to execute a perfectly good Succubus. He decided to keep me, instead, for his own entertainment, for centuries. He was a very imaginative man. We had us a lot of fun. –  to Bo
  • SASKIA (Aife): Hate’s like beauty, baby. The real stuff fades, but it never dies. –  to Bo
  • DYSON: Saskia isn't who you think she is. Her real name is Aife and I've been expecting her to come for you for a while now. She is your mother. – to Bo
  • BO: How long have you known who my mother is? How long, Dyson!?
    DYSON: Since before we met. I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you everything. That's why I called you last night, because I was going to tell you. Bo, it wasn't my story to tell. It's Trick's.
  • TRICK: I let your mother down long before you were born. I failed her. She was of my clan. The Fae were constantly at war back then. We nearly fought ourselves into extinction. I'd grown weary of trying to earn a true peace. So I forced one....Nothing that powerful comes without a price, as I've learned.
    BO: So what went wrong?
    TRICK: Aife. Peace demands forgiveness. And in every war there are those who find it too dear a price.
  • DYSON: Your mother led a small rebellion. She killed one of the Dark Fae clan leaders. She was caught.
    TRICK: But she escaped. She came to me. I could have sheltered her, but that would have restarted the war. So I handed her over to the Dark for execution....Gods forgive them.
    DYSON: She has hated and plotted against Trick ever since.
    BO: Are you telling me everything? – to Trick
    TRICK: Yes.
  • DYSON: I'm ready to pay your price, crone.
    THE NORN: You would give up your wolf for this woman?
    DYSON: Yes.
    THE NORN: Why?
    DYSON: Reasons are not part of this bargain. If you give my strength to Bo, you can take anything you need.
    THE NORN: Oh, well, then. A deal is struck. A sacrifice is named and accepted. In exchange for my helping this...Bo, I will take from you that which you value the most. I will take...your love of her! I leave you the memories of what you've lost, but you will never feel passion for her again!


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