Preta (212)

The Preta

The Preta is an extremely greedy Fae species.

Character arc

A Preta was stealing valuables in Africa and stole the Healing Mask from Tshombe, the Dark Fae Shaman who hexed Nadia with a curse. His known location was the catacombs under the First Christ Church in Sambava, Madagascar.

Preta thefts (212)

Thefts by Preta

Pretas are driven to satisfy their desires, but are unable to fulfill them. Some have insatiable appetites but cannot swallow food; others have unquenchable thirst but when liquid touches their lips it evaporates; while some have overwhelming sexual urges.

Some Pretas have an unstoppable lust for treasures but cannot enjoy the spoils because if touched by their bare hands they will turn into sand.

Pretas live in dens and there are stories about people entering them, but none about them coming out. To get something from a Preta, a trade must be offered in return that has value.


Preta is the name for a type of (arguably supernatural) being described in Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, and Jain texts that undergoes more than human suffering, particularly an extreme degree of hunger and thirst. They are often translated into English as "hungry ghosts". Pretas are believed to have been false, corrupted, compulsive, deceitful, jealous or greedy people in a previous life. As a result of their karma, they are afflicted with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance or object. Traditionally, this is something repugnant or humiliating, such as human corpses or feces, though in more recent stories, it can be anything, however bizarre.[1]