Patrick Kavanaugh is a Light Fae and head of one of the Light Fae Noble families.

Patrick Kavanaugh
Patrick Kavanaugh (109)
First appearance: Fae Day


Patrick Kavanaugh








Light Fae


Head of the Kavanaugh Family

Known Relatives:

Shawn Kavanaugh (older Son)
Liam Kavanaugh (younger Son)


Feeding off the greed of humans

Portrayed by:

Jonathan Whittaker

Character arc

Patrick Kavanaugh had gambling problems and so at one point, took out $30,000 from his safe to cover his losses. However, his son, Shawn Kavanaugh looked at the safe and assumed that Patrick's younger son, Liam Kavanaugh had stolen the money. Shawn called the police and Liam was sent to jail. Patrick had Liam bailed the next day, but Liam angrily left to join the Dark Fae.

In Fae Day, Shawn's death is predicted by the Banshee, Siobhan. Shawn and Kenzi go to the Kavanagh household to tell his father goodbye.

It is later revealed that after the death of his wife, (eighty years after Liam joined the Dark Fae), Liam hired a goblin to kill his brother. This information is extracted through Bo's powers. Liam's reasons were that the whole family thinks he's nothing because he's Dark, and it is all because of Shawn.

Bo calls for an Agallamh to settle the differences between Shawn and Liam. Initially, it doesn't appear to go well and Liam calls for closure. Bo then calls for a 4-hour recess. In that time, Kenzi ran over to the Agallamh household. Patrick arrives at The Dal just in time and confesses the truth. He had not expected Shawn to look through the safe or for Liam to join the Dark. He did not want to tell anyone for fear of his wife leaving him and his family reputation being tarnished. Bo berates Patrick for putting his reputation before his sons. Shawn gives Liam the family pendant and Liam asks for his mother's grave to be moved to neutral territory and Patrick agrees.