Original Skin
Season 2, Episode 9
LG-(209) Original Skin
Air date November 20, 2011
Written by Emily Andras
Directed by Paul Fox
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Original Skin is the ninth episode of Season 2.



A night out at The Dal goes awry when an insane trickster spikes the beer with a substance that transfers Bo out of her body – resulting in a ripple effect that finds our regulars inhabiting the skin of their friends, lovers and rivals. Suppressed – and not so suppressed – feelings bubble to the surface, and the brief stays in one another’s bodies gives each surprising insights into the other.

209 Syfy


Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Trick, Hale, and Ciara are all drawn to The Dal and a Dark Fae Boraro bounty hunter, Woods, traps all of them inside the tavern, explaining that he is hunting Reynard, an escaped prisoner hiding there. It is soon revealed that by contaminating the beer with Gorgon blood, Reynard is able to possess their bodies – save for Trick who did not drink any of the beer – and switch from one body to another. He first takes over Bo's body. The Nain Rouge appears to Bo for the first time when she is forced into a metaphysical "limbo" as a result of the possession. The Nain Rouge tells Bo that the Fae will come to an end, and reveals a destiny in which she kills Trick. Bo does not believe her and forces her way back to the real world.

Transluminal Migration Circle (209)

When Bo returns to reality, everyone in The Dal switches bodies. Reynard escapes in Lauren's body as the spell trapping them physically inside the tavern only affects Fae, and feeding on Lauren's deepest desires he attempts to kill The Ash. Dyson, in Kenzi's body, leaves The Dal and goes in search of him at The Ash's compound, managing to stop him before he injects Lachlan with a fatal drug. Trick performs a ritual solution that returns everyone back to their own bodies, and Reynard is apprehended by the bounty hunter, Woods. Bo tells Trick at the end of the episode that The Nain Rouge told her something terrible was coming and that she was named Ysabeau (with the last syllable pronounced "bo"). It is also revealed that Lachlan, The Ash, may not be who he appears to be.

Songs and Music

  • Love  by Ronley Teper
  • Pop Culture  by Creature
  • Venetian Hautboy  by Beatrice Antolini
  • Young Blood  by Lynx