Mongolian Death Worm - Velma (205)

Velma, a Mongolian Death Worm

A Mongolian Death Worm is a very rare and extremely dangerous Fae species.

Character arc

The Mongolian Death Worm appears in the humanoid form of "little old lady" Velma, a three thousand year old Fae addicted to watching a portable television set that is also her activation key. She is well known for her part in the Greco-Persian Wars, and was the inspiration behind the Archemedes Death Ray. Her destructive power was described as outmatching any human made missiles.

Mongolian death worms transmute matter and produce an electrical force that liquefies and obliterates almost anything. Velma creates energy beams, essentially lasers, through her eyes.

Lachlan, at first, referred to Velma as a "thing".


The Mongolian death worm is a creature reported to exist in the Gobi Desert. It is generally considered a cryptid: an animal whose sightings and reports are disputed or unconfirmed. It is described as a bright red worm with a wide body that is 2 to 5 feet (0.6 to 1.5 m) long. The worm is the subject of a number of extraordinary claims by Mongolian locals - such as the ability of the worm to spew forth acid that, on contact, will turn anything it touches yellow and corroded (and which would kill a human), as well as its reported ability to kill at a distance by means of electric discharge.[1]