Mole - Alastor (220)

Alastor, a Mole

A Mole is a Light Fae who lives underground.

Character arc

The Mole behaves like the burrowing mammal of same name. It can enter buildings through its tunnels and can change parts of stone floors into sand, and change back the resulting sand into stone. It stinks and is photosensitive. The Mole can create a dry quicksand trap and pull a being into it.

Trick used a whistle to communicate and give orders to the mole, Alastor.


Moles are a small mammals that are most well known for living in tunnels underground. Moles are commonly found in Europe, Asia, South Africa and North America although there are oddly no moles inhabiting Ireland. Moles have long, curved claws which the moles use to burrow underground. Moles can quickly create long tunnels under the surface of the earth and the tunnel entrances can easily be identified by the mounds of earth that appear. These mounds of soil are commonly known as mole hills. There are around 20 different species of mole found in their natural, earthy environments. Some species of mole are also aquatic or at least semi-aquatic which means that these mole species spend at least some of their time in the water.[1]