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Last Mesmer

A Mesmer is a Fae species that can control both Fae and humans against their will.

Character arc

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Though the precise mechanism of the Mesmer's power is unknown, a Mesmer takes over a victim through the use of hand gestures, controlling the victim as if he or she were a marionette. So long as a Mesmer's hands are not bound they can use their abilities. Outside of external forces – such as the use of a Siracon – it seems impossible to break a Mesmer's grip on a victim unless they willingly let them go, or if they can be distracted. Wolf shifters are immune to the powers of a Mesmer when in wolf form.

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Vex mesmerizing Bo
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Vex, a Dark Fae, is the last Mesmer in the Fae universe.

The Una Mens exterminated all Mesmers, but Vex was somehow spared when he was a child. In Let the Dark Times Roll, he told Bo that both Light Fae and Dark Fae had hunted Mesmers because The Una Mens feared their powers. Mesmers were killed by having both their hands cut off, robbing them of their ability to feed, and resulting in their starving to death. Vex survived by aligning himself with the Dark and doing the bidding of its Elders. It is unknown if there were any Light Fae Mesmers.

In Lost Girl: The Game

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The name of the species, "Mesmer", is derived from the verb "to mesmerize" and originates from the name of Franz Anton Mesmer, a German physician who theorised that there was a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects that he called magnétisme animal. Later, in 1843, James Braid, a Scottish physician proposed the term hypnosis for a technique derived from magnetism but more limited in its claimed effects.[1]