Merfolk are a rare and dangerous aquatic Fae species. Diana, Darren, and Dominique were merfolk siblings.

Character arc

Merfolk generally appear as part human and part fish like traditional depictions of mermaids and mermen. However, for one year, merfolk can transform their fish-like tails into legs, enabling them to walk on land so as to experience the world of humans and terrestrial fae before returning to the sea. At the end of the year, they lose the ability to create full legs and are instead left with stumps. As such, most go back to their people and keep their tails.

Merfolk can breath both water and air. They are cold-blooded creatures with skin as cold as that of a fish. The tears of mermaids become crystallized sea salt. They are fast and skilled swimmers and can speak different aquatic languages such as dolphin. Merfolk are also extremely strong, capable of ripping off a human's legs with ease.

They have the ability to fill a creature's lungs with water, causing them to cough the water up in desperation or drown. However, merfolk can only swim in saltwater. If they drink or are sprayed by tap water or freshwater, they dissolve into sea foam (Waves). It is suggested that they could reform, but pouring the foam down a drain (and therefore mixing the foam with sewage) appears to be enough to keep this from happening.

In Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic

Merfolk (LG Motion Comic Chapter 4)

Merfolk resemble humanoid fish-like monsters who can walk on dry land.


  • Female merfolk are called Mermaids,[1] and in Greek mythology they are called Sirens.[2] Males are called Mermen.[3]
  • In folklore, sea glass was said to be the tears of mermaids.