Mare (203)


A Mare is a Fae that creates nightmares.

Character arc

A Mare feeds only on those who slumber. The nightmares create fear and the Mare feeds from it. Mares most often feed on humans.

Mares are capable of creating a "psychic connection" with their prey. Their victims can become insane when they create an overload of nightmares.

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The enemy of the Mare is a Baku because they feed on nightmares.

They are almost exclusively Dark Fae. A Mare fed illegally on Light Fae territory.

A Mare was among the corpses at a mass Fae grave site and Tamsin said it had fed on a Baku (Adventures in Fae-bysitting).


  • The Mare in the episode is played by Kristina Pesic.
  • A "mare" is a spirit or goblin in Germanic folklore which rides on people's chests while they sleep, bringing on bad dreams (or "nightmares"). The mare is attested as early as in the Norse Ynglinga saga from the 13th century, but the belief itself is likely to be considerably older. The mare is often similar to the mythical creatures succubus and incubus, and was likely inspired by sleep paralysis.[1]