Lou Ann is a Dark Fae of unknown species.

Lou Ann
Lou Ann (108)
First appearance: Vexed


Lou Ann


Lou Ann Heidinger (full name)






Dark Fae


Rebel (past)

Known Relatives:

Husband (full name unknown)
Cody (Stepson, deceased)
Jacob (Stepson, deceased)
Lucas (Stepson, deceased)



Portrayed by:

Marie Ward

Character arc

Lou Ann was an insurgent, same as Aife (Bo's mother), who opposed the truce that ended The Great War and the subsequent dividing of the Fae into Light Fae and Dark Fae clans, and rebelled against the Blood Laws under which they became governed.

Vexed 108 Lou Ann 1

1.08 "Vexed"

Lou Ann was the midwife at Bo's birth, during Aife's imprisonment by a Dark King. Afraid that someone was trying to hurt Bo, she ran away with the infant and left her in the care of a childless human couple.

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1.08 "Vexed
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108 Lou Ann - I fell in love 2

1.08 "Vexed"
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As punishment for falling in love with a human (which is prohibited by the Fae) and trying to cut herself off from her clan, the Dark Fae Elders had Vex, a Mesmer and executioner for The Morrigan, force Lou Ann into drowning her step children and setting her house on fire to cover it.

She kept her Fae nature secret and was sentenced to death under the human legal system.

Although her execution was carried out, Lou Ann resuscitated while inside the body bag after Trick somehow managed to intervene in the procedure. When she arose, Trick told her they needed "to talk."



  • Husband: A human (Heidinger surname, first name unknown). Status unknown.
  • Stepsons: Cody, Jacob, Lucas.


  • "Believe it or not, I am the last person that would want to keep a mother from her child." – to Bo (Vexed)
  • "I fell in love with a human. I knew the rules and I ignored them." – to Bo (Vexed)


The "talk" that Trick asked for and the details of Lou Ann's involvement in the abduction of the infant Bo has not been resolved in the storyline (after four seasons).