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₪  ₪  ₪  Zero Tolerance Policy  ₪  ₪  ₪


  • Vandalism involves:
defacing an article;  page blanking;  adding crude humor;  adding profanity;  adding pornography;  adding sexually graphic text;  uploading "shock value" images;  modifying internal or external links within an article so that they appear the same but redirect to a page or site that they were not intended to.
Vandalism also includes:  reverting legitimate edits with the intent of hindering the improvement of articles;  inserting a personal attack into an article;  creating User names that contain deliberately offensive or disruptive terms ( whether the account is used or not ).
  • Any User, registered or anonymous, who deletes an  Infobox Template  from a page or the contents of an Infobox will be considered a vandal.

Malicious edits

  • Malicious edits include:
unwarranted removal of content;  renaming articles without justification;  purposefully adding incorrect or false information to articles;  editing articles to promote a particular view and/or for the sake of a personal agenda;  editing other Users' comments to substantially change their meaning;  adding nonsense to a page.
Malicious edits also involve:  making an offensive  Edit Summary  in an attempt to leave a mark that cannot be easily expunged from a page's history record;  uploading or using material in ways that violate copyright policy after having been warned.
  • Any User, registered or anonymous, who persists in making edits or create new pages that contradict the format, style, and standards of the Lost Girl Wiki will be considered a malicious editor.


  • Spam is the insertion of gibberish ( nonsense ) to an article;  posting nonsensical comments in Talk pages and blogs.
  • Spam also includes:  adding external URL links to paid promotions, and irrelevant sites ( for example:  to publicize or support someone's personal website );  uploading more than two (2) personal photos and non-Lost Girl image files ( the Lost Girl Wiki does not serve as a storage host for personal photos and media files ).


  • Harassment can be in the form of hostile or antagonistic behavior;  abusive words;  taunting;  threats;  profane language;  offensive images.
  • Behavior considered harassment includes comments that are:  derogatory;  sexual;  hateful;  racist;  homophobic;  proselytizing;  insult gender;  insult creed;  insult ethnicity.
  • Harassment also is:  any behavior that is incessant,  provoking,  disparaging,  and directed specifically at another User.

₪   Vandalism  –  Malicious edits  –  Spam   ₪

Vandals, malicious editors, and spammers will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.

To stop further damage and detriment to the Lost Girl Wiki, the registered User account and/or Anonymous IP address of the editor engaging in this type of behavior will be blocked infinitely from having access to the wiki. ( Proxy IP addresses will also be blocked. )

₪   Harassment   ₪

An Admin can attempt to resolve the problem with the offending User via their Talk page; however, the Admin reserves the right to make a judgment call and block the individual from having further access to the Lost Girl Wiki, banning the User infinitely, and having the User's account permanently disabled.

₪   Blocked/Banned User   ₪

If you are blocked or banned and want to appeal it, contact the administrator on her/his wall on Community Central.  For example:  http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Message_Wall:Virago_a-go-go

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