Lisa Allan was a Duppy.

Lisa Allan
Lisa Allan - Duppy (311)
First appearance: Adventures in Fae-bysitting


Lisa Allan








Light Fae



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Killed when invoked by incantation

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Kate Ross

Character arc

Lisa Allan is a Fae that was reported missing one hundred years ago. She worked as a babysitter for 10-year-old Ethan Parker. She was quite good at her job, and was frequently hired twice a week. Ethan's mother, Caroline, frequently left, claiming to go to a meeting of her book club. Meanwhile his father, Tim, always traveled and was absent, though Lisa did not know where.

Lisa Allan missing (311)

Lisa Allan 1912

Unaware of what she was, Lisa was frequently invoked by human witches Caroline, Eleanor and Susan, to carry out vengeance killings. Every time she killed, she blacked out and when she regained consciousness did not remember anything, as if she had amnesia.

After she was used to kill Eleanor, she was brought to The Dal, where Trick explained to Kenzi and Bo about Duppies and that a very specific item called a Macuto is required for invoking them.

When she awoke, Lisa was told what she was and despite Kenzi's consoling, she felt unhappy and feared that she had no control over herself. Later that night, Caroline and Susan invoked her again to kill a man named Sam. Bo, who had infiltrated their coven, attempted to stop the ritual and ultimately succeeded just in time.

Bo chi drains Duppy-Lisa Allan (311)

Though it was over, Lisa knew that others would invoke her to kill again and pleaded with Bo to end her life. Bo promised that she would always be there for her, but Lisa insisted that she do it, saying she only wanted peace. Bo reluctantly chi-drained Lisa and she died peacefully. Bo burned the Macuto, destroying it, and ensuring that no one ever used Lisa again.




"Kenzi said that being Fae was special. But I don't want to be special. I want to be human. And if I cannot have that, I want to be at peace. Will you give me that?" – to Bo.


Records from when Lisa went missing in 1912 was kept by Trick in his archives. It can be deduced, thereby, that she was Light Fae.