Like Hell Pt.1
Season 5, Episode 1
LG-(501) Like Hell Pt1
Air date December 7, 2014
Written by Michael Grassi
Directed by Paolo Barzman
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Like Hell Pt.2

Like Hell Pt.1 is the first episode of Season 5.



Bo will go to hell and back to try and save the people she loves – her family.



Marquise Medical Clinic w Lauren (501)
Helskor (Hel-shoes) on Bo (501)
501 Bo-Lauren teleport 1
Bo enters Valhalla (501)
Bo and Freyja (501)
Tamsin - secret diary (501)
Kenzi and Bo in Valhalla (501)
Dyson-Lauren-Trick (501)
Underworld realms map (501)
Tamsin secret diary (501)-1
Tamsin and Kenzi in Valhalla (501)
Bo and Kenzi bride (501)
501 Bo-Freyda soul for soul
Tamsin and Valkyries (501)
Lauren reveals Valhalla gate (501)
Lauren possessed by Valkyries (501)
Kenzi returned to grave (501)
Bo - transport to Tartarus (501)

Songs and Music

  • Piano Bar Special  courtesy APM Music
  • Romantic Nights  courtesy APM Music
  • Stylish Dinner  courtesy APM Music
  • Twilight  courtesy APM Music


  • When Bo is climbing to the top of the rock spire she is singing "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain". This was the tune played by the Magic Lamp music box in Midnight Lamp.
  • The scene where Tamsin chops through the hotel door with an axe and shouts "Here's Tammy!" is a reference to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 psychological horror film "The Shining" and its phrase "Here's Johnny!". This is referenced again in the following episode by Kenzi calling her "Shining Tamsin".
  • The location shooting for Valhalla is The Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • The secret Valkyrie diary mentions sneaking into Tartarus with "Nismat". Nismat is Tamsin spelled backwards.
  • Incantation recited by Lauren:
"I navnet til sjelene brakt frem til Valhalla, la portene åpenbarer seg. Avslør. Avslør. Avslør!"
"In the name of the souls brought up to Valhalla, gates reveal themselves. Unveil, unveil, unveil!"
LAUREN to BO: I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Bo. You know that.
BO to LAUREN: I will not let anything happen to you.


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