Like Father, Like Daughter
Season 5, Episode 10
LG-(510) Like Father, Like Daughter
Air date September 13, 2015
Written by Alexandra Zarowny
Directed by Paolo Barzman
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Like Father, Like Daughter is the tenth episode of Season 5.


  • Alexandra Zarowny


Bo risks life and limb to retrieve an elusive Fae painting for a friend. Lauren makes a stunning revelation.


Songs and Music

  • Baby, Hold On  by The Wooden Sky
  • Fare Thee Well  by The BelleRegards
  • Holding On (Instrumental Version)  by The BelleRegards
  • Wazabi (Kolombo Remix)  by Soldout


  • The laser beams scene is an homage to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and her scene in the 1999 heist film "Entrapment".
  • The name of the painting is "The Vanishing". The painting is a depiction of the last time the Ancients were seen on earth, before they vanished.