Liam Kavanaugh is a Dark Fae who is also member of one of the Light Fae Noble families.

Liam Kavanaugh
Liam Kavanaugh (109)
First appearance: Fae Day


Liam Kavanaugh








Dark Fae


C.E.O. of a Company

Known Relatives:

Patrick Kavanaugh (Father)
Shawn Kavanaugh (Brother)


Feeds on human greed

Portrayed by:

Ben Lewis

Character arc

Liam was once arrested when his brother, Shawn accused him of stealing from his father's safe. Liam was bailed the next day, but because of the incident, he decided to go rogue and join the Dark. He avoided all contact with his family, save for his mother. In Fae Day his brother Shawn Kavanaugh's death is predicted by the Banshee, Siobhan. Bo and Dyson locate Liam so that Shawn can say goodbye to his brother, but Liam refuses.

Once his mother dies (eighty years after choosing to be Dark Fae), Liam hires a goblin to kill his brother. This information is extracted through Bo's powers. Liam's reasons were that the whole family thinks he's nothing because he's Dark, and it is all because of Shawn.

Bo calls for an Agallamh to settle the differences between Shawn and Liam. Initially, it doesn't appear to go well and Liam moves for closure. Bo then decides to take a 4-hour break, during which Kenzi runs to the Kavanaugh household. Liam and Shawn's father, Patrick arrives just in time to confess that he borrowed the money from the safe to cover his gambling losses. Shawn apologizes to Liam and offers to give him the family pendant. Liam accepts, calls off the hit on his brother, and promises to repay the people he ripped off if his father would move his mother's grave to neutral ground, to which Patrick agrees, and the Agallamh ends with a peaceful resolution.

At sundown, Liam and Shawn have reconciled their differences and both wished for everlasting peace, but suddenly, a man whom Liam had ripped off earlier appeared and tried to shoot him. Shawn quickly moved in the way and was killed.