Lazy John (403)

Lazy John

Lazy John is a forest spirit.

Character arc

Lazy John fell asleep against a tree and was buried by monkeys. He dwells in forest grounds.

He has a foot fetish and can be bribed to reveal information by being offered someone's toes to lick.


Juan Tamad (Filipino for "Lazy John") is a character in Philippine folklore noteworthy for extreme laziness. He is usually portrayed as a child, although in some interpretations, he is said to be a young man. The Juan Tamad story most often told illustrates his utmost laziness to the point of stupidity that it becomes comedic. In it, Juan Tamad comes upon a guava tree bearing ripe fruit. Being too slothful to climb the tree and take the fruits, he instead decides to lie beneath the tree and let gravity do its work. There he remained, waiting for the fruit to fall into his gaping mouth.[1]