Ash Property Medallion (108)

Mark of ownership by The Ash

The Lauren Medallion represents Lauren's ownership by The Ash as his human property.

Lauren Ash Necklace (106)

Lauren shows that she was sent by The Ash
1.06 "Food for Thought"

Worn on a silver necklace, Lauren shows the emblem as evidence of being sent by The Ash, which enables her to enter Light Fae territories that, as a human, she normally would not be able to.

Bo pulled it off Lauren's neck when they were making love for the first time and told Lauren that no one owned her (Vexed).

211 Lauren defies Lachlan-Ash

2.11 "Can't See the Fae-Rest"

When a frustrated Lauren threatened Lachlan with ending her allegiance to The Ash and aligning with The Morrigan, she pulled the medallion off her neck and threw it at his feet (Can't See the Fae-Rest).

212 Lauren-Lachlan Ash recommit

2.12 "Masks"

Afterwards, when Lachlan led Lauren to believe that he was responsible for lifting the curse that Nadia was hexed with, she was so grateful that she renewed her pledge to The Ash. Lachlan then put the medallion on her again and told her that the necklace must stay on permanently (Masks).

311 Lauren leaves Light

3.11 "Adventures in Fae-bysitting"

However, when a despondent Lauren made the decision to leave the Light Fae and accepted the offer from Dr. Isaac Taft of a fresh start by joining his laboratory to conduct cutting-edge science research, she took off the medallion and left it behind inside the drawer of her desk (Adventures in Fae-bysitting). Bo found it while looking through Lauren's desk and covertly took it (Hail, Hale).

With few exceptions, Lauren was always seen wearing the medallion in seasons 1, 2 and 3. She did not wear the medallion at any time in season 4, nor (has as yet) in season 5.


Vexed 108 Lauren Medallion

"Nobody owns you."
1.08 "Vexed"

  • BO: Hey, Lauren has one of these around her neck. What is it? Some kind of amulet?
    TRICK: Lauren? She's ward of The Ash. She wears his mark.
    BO: Because she works for him.
    TRICK: Fae Elders don't employ humans. They own them. In return for their protection. – (about Lauren's medallion) (Vexed)
  • LAUREN: I am extremely grateful to you. And I honor my promise. Nadia's life in exchange for my re-commitment to you.
    LACHLAN: From now on the necklace stays on. – (Masks)


  • After filming of the final season ended, actors were given the opportunity to take mementos from the show. The only keepsake taken by Zoie Palmer was Lauren's necklace.[1]
  • The Lauren Medallion is not a jewelry prop created for Lost Girl. It is an original design from the collection of K Robins Designs jewelry.[2]

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