Koushang (113)

A Koushang is an amulet that blocks a Succubus from draining someone's chi.

Along with other Fae artifacts passed down from one Ash to another, the Koushang was kept inside an amethyst crystal in the Light Fae trophy room. Lauren gave Bo the map and key to where it was located.

Kenzi finds Koushang (113)

Kenzi finds the Koushang

Kenzi accompanied Bo in search of the Koushang and found it among the items. To test if it worked, she put in on herself and then Bo tried to draw her chi, but couldn't.

Afterwards, Bo wore it when she confronted Aife and it stopped her from being able to chi-suck Bo.

The Dark King that tortured and raped Aife while she was his prisoner wore a Koushang to protect himself from her succubus powers.