Lauren - Karen Beattie Wanted poster (404)

Karen Beattie aka Lauren Lewis

Karen Beattie is the real name of Dr. Lauren Lewis.

Character arc

After Dr. Isaac Taft introduced himself to Lauren he made several offers for her to join him as a scientist in his nuclear resonance laboratory, but she turned him down each time. Curious about why she had spent five years "off the map" in the Amazon jungle and Afghanistan, he had his lawyers look into her background and they uncovered that Lauren was a wanted fugitive. He gave her the only copy of the "Karen Beattie" wanted poster for her to do with as she chose (Adventures in Fae-bysitting).

Lauren receives Karen Beattie file (311)

Lauren receives Karen Beattie file from Isaac Taft

Lauren is a fugitive wanted by the International Criminal Offences and Criminal Intelligence Bureau for her involvement in a bombing that killed 11 people in 1998, when she was a teenager (either late 17 or already 18 years old).

While being held captive together with Crystal, she revealed to her that she had a brother and they had been inseparable. They decided together "to change the world", but their cause had turned into blowing up pipelines. Lauren knew how to build pipe bombs and made them for her brother to position; however, one location was supposed to have been deserted but wasn't, and eleven people were killed in the explosion. She trusted her brother and he had failed her. This led Karen Beattie to go on the run, change her identity to Lauren Lewis, and keep running ever since. Lauren told Crystal that not a day had gone by that she did not hate herself for what had happened. She never saw her brother again after that tragic event (Turn to Stone).


  • LAUREN: I haven't felt this guilty since my Karen Beattie days…. It's the trauma, it ixnays my filter.
    BO: Hey, I'll take whatever I can get. Karen Beattie all over me.
    LAUREN: It was a long time ago. People died. It was my fault.
    BO: I guess we have a lot more in common than I thought. – (Here Comes the Night)


Based on the details in the Karen Beattie wanted poster that Bo found in Turn to Stone, Karen Beattie was born on June 5, 1981, and became a fugitive in 1998.

At the time the series begins in 2010, Lauren had been with the Light Fae for five years; which, in turn, means that it was 2005 when she was in the Congo, met The Ash, and discovered the Fae — and 24 years old. By 2005, Lauren had been a hunted fugitive for seven years. At the time Lauren met Bo, she was 29 years old and had been in hiding for 12 years.