I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)
Season 2, Episode 2
LG-(202) I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)
Air date September 11, 2011
Written by Michelle Lovretta
Directed by Steve DiMarco
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I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won) is the second episode of Season 2.



The hunt for the new Ash is on. Literally. A traditional Stag Hunt is held, whereby the candidate who successfully tracks and kills The Stag becomes the next Ash. Bo barely takes a passing interest in this ceremony until a surprise visitor with a vested interest in the hunt appears in her front room.

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The episode begins with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) placing various items in front of Hale (K.C. Collins) in the kitchen in Bo's home. They are: a bottle of vodka, a tub of triple fudge swirl ice cream and an animal tranquillizer dart. Hale asks if she is over reacting a bit to which Kenzi replies that the last time Dyson dumped Bo a car got smashed, three furies died and a man's head was cut off referring to the episode Faetal Attraction in the previous season. They gather up the items and the go off in search of Bo (Anna Silk) who is elsewhere in the house. They find her on a swing listening to a iPod and she greets them with a smile and seems very happy for a succubus that has been dumped. Kenzi is uncovinced that she is as happy as she seems to be and begins to ask questions. Bo explains that she and Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) didn't break up but were broken up by the Norn and therefore she isn't upset but determined. After making Hale leave, Kenzi gets Bo to explain further and Bo tells her that even though she isn't okay with what happened, she knows that Dyson risked everything for her. That to Bo means that he loved her and not the sex or the succubus she is, but her as the person she is. Bo's plan is to remind Dyson just how good the two of them are together and that you should never underestimate the power of a woman in love.

Stag-Sabine and Bo (202)

Sabine (The Stag) and Bo

The scene switches to a van in a alleyway which comes to a stop and a guard (Rebecca Amare) steps out of the van and then helps a prisoner get out of it. She tells the prisoner that she is hoping for her as another guard approaches. The handcuffs are taken off and then the prisoner makes a run for it. She gets a short distance away and then comes to a stop before turning around and firing what appear to be quills into the chests of the two guards chasing her. She apologies to them, saying that there is one last thing she needs to do, and then runs away as the opening credits appear.

We return to see Dyson and Hale walking down the alleyway to the scene of the prisoner escape. Hale asks where Dyson has been and the answer is that he was hunting in his wolf form. Hale is concerned that Dyson is "going feral", to which Dyson scoffs as he looks at a file that Hale brought along. They meet up with the guard that released the prisoner from the van and she indicates that she was stopped by poison in the quills that the prisoner had shot her with. She gives them a direction that the prisoner escaped in. It is also revealed that she had been in custody for over eighty years. Then the guard also reveals something that neither Dyson or Hale was aware of, but that isn't revealed to the viewer.

We cut to Bo and Kenzi arriving at The Dal Riata and meeting Trick (Rick Howland) there. He offers them a drink and Bo is about to ask him about the Norn that Dyson visited when the room hushes and the Light Fae present begin to bow to a tall Fae that enters the bar with an entourage. He approaches the bar and announces himself to Trick there as the Blackthorn (Conrad Coates), an emissary from the Old Country. After doing this, he also announces to the assembled Fae a proclamation that in two days a successor to the Ash will be named and then announces that the Selection Games can begin. The crowd cheers as Bo looks on with concern. She then calls Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and tells her what has happened. Lauren is confused throughout the call and after Bo hangs up sits at a counter in her lab fingering the necklace around her neck that marks her as being owned by the Ash, a worried look on her face as she does.

Hamish (202)

Bo and Kenzi find Hamish

Hale and Kenzi are sitting at a table at the Dal Riata as Bo joins them to hear Hale explain about what is going on at the moment. He explains there are a lot of rituals, a feast and something called a Stag Hunt which he does not elaborate on. He also explains that The Blackthorn is a title and not a name. He also explains that the Dark Fae leadership take their titles from dead warriors while the Light Fae leadership take their titles from the sacred trees of their beliefs. Hale then explains that they will not know who is in the running to be The Ash until the time of the Gala approaches and the candidates make themselves known. After that, the top three contenders undertake the Stag Hunt and at the end of that event the new Ash is known. Kenzi is interested in attending but as Hale invites both of them to come to the Gala, Bo refuses and the two leave Hale in the bar alone.

They return to their home and Bo explains that she wants nothing to do with the choosing of a new Ash as it will, she believes, cost her and Kenzi something like it did when Aife involved herself in the affairs of the ruling Fae. Kenzi tries very hard to get Bo to give in and go, but in the end Kenzi gives up and Bo seems pleased with herself. As they leave the kitchen there is a noise behind them and the prisoner that had escaped earlier in the episode appears there. She explains to them that she is the Stag that the candidates for being Ash will be hunting.

Returning from commercial, we find Dyson at the bar and Trick joins him after finally getting all of the other Fae out of the bar for the night. Dyson reports that Blackthorn is aware that an attack happened, that the Ash was injured and that the Edlers were killed. As a result he wants the Ash replaced as punishment. Dyson also reports that Blackthorn does not know that Aife was the cause of the attack or was involved in anyway. Trick is troubled by this and believes that Blackthorn is after something or knows something but has not revealed it as yet.

Bo for Gyallahaal (202)

Bo and Kenzi in the meantime, are asking questions of the prisoner. She is being hunted as it is a tradition she explains. The contenders for the Ash are to battle a worthy opponent and they use prisoners in that role. When Kenzi asks what she did to be in jail. she explains that she attempted to marry a Dark Fae named Hamish (Chris Hoffman), was captured by Light Far enforcers before they could escape. This was treason accruing to the Light Fae and she was put in jail as a result. A flashback is then shown with the events of the last night that she had seen Hamish, including her capture but as well his escape from her. But before Hamish leaves her, he does declare his love for her and that he would never leave her, but use never saw him again. She doesn't know whether it was Light or Dark Fae that betrayed them however.

Loud hammering at the door stops the explanations as Kenzi and Bo rush off to defend their home. The prisoner tells Bo her one wish is to see Hamish one more time before she is killed. Bo agrees to this as a group of Light Fae break through the door and approach the woman, demanding the prisoner be given to them. Before the group comes to blows, Dyson arrives and defuses the situation. He then explains to Bo that she must release the prisoner to him. Before Bo can argue with Dyson, the prisoner gives herself up to Dyson telling Bo that it is for the best. As she leaves, she finally reveals that her name is Sabine (Natalie Brown). Dyson tells Bo that Sabine will be taken to the Ash's compound until the hunt begins. Bo stops him before he can leave and tells him that she is thankful for him looking out for her. She also tells him that she is still trying to deal with all that he has told her and that she wants one chance to really talk to him and understand what has happened. Dyson leaves but not without agreeing to see her and talk to her in the future.

Bo then goes to see Blackthorn at the Ash's compound. He greets her noting that "meeting the undecided" succubus will make him the envy of political pundits among the Fae. Bo notes that she is not okay with Sabine being taken from her home to which Blackthorn retorts that she was their prisoner. Bo also complains about the Stag Hunt and that complaint is replied to with the words "it is not sport. Ritual." Bo does not understand and Blackthorn admits that some think that they need to change their name from Light Fae to something else. He guides Bo to a pair of seamstresses who pose her for Blackthorn as he attempts to explain the difference between Light and Dark Fae. His comparison is that the Light Fae are like the Native Indians in which they honour and respect the hunt and do not over hunt their lands. The Dark Fae, according to him, kill mainly for pleasure.

Gias vessels - Gyallahaal (202)

Gias vessels

When Bo asks what she is, the answer is "an obnoxious Vegan" to which Bo is quite pleased with. As they continue to talk, the seamstresses have been taking measurements of Bo and showing Blackthorn various colours of cloth using Bo as a model. As Bo and Blackthorn walk in a circle afterwards, the seamstresses are seen to be working on something. Blackthorn explains that the Stag is a volunteer and as such the Fae do not see the hunt as being barbaric but a means to giving the Stag's family their honour back. Bo then tells him that she will be trying to allow Sabine to see Hamish once more. Blackthorn is unimpressed by this but before Bo leaves gives her a red dress that had been made for Bo while they were talking with the comment that she should come to the Gala as his goes and to bring Trick with her.

We next see Bo and Kenzi getting out of their car with Kenzi commenting that Bo should "see next time if he has Gucci." They approach a building that Hale has told them is the home of Hamish and knock on the door. As they wait for an answer, Bo asks Kenzi not to be home on Saturday night as she is planning to see Dyson and get him back. Her plan is called "Operation Woo" and when Kenzi asks what that is, Bo's answer is "cleavage." The door opens and Hamish is there, but wants nothing to do with Sabine and tells Bo and Kenzi to get lost. They argue for a while as Bo tries to get him to change his mind, but he vanishes into thin air for a moment and then slams the door in their faces. Bo and Kenzi return to their car, Kenzi asking if they were finished with this, but Bo eventually reveals that together they will save Sabine and not get caught doing so. Kenzi makes a wistful comment that she "wishes I could quit you" that Bo does not seem to hear before getting into the car and they drive off.

Bo is next seen at Trick's reading a series of books trying to understand what is the process for naming the new Ash. Trick explains that: The candidates for Ash gather at the Gyallahall or the Gala that is held in the Stag's honour. While it is a ball, it is actually the first test of the candidates in their political abilities and cunning. Those that receive enough votes then are called contenders, who then compete in the hunt itself. If the Stag manages to arrive at a bell that is hidden in the forest, then they are allowed to live free and the contenders are not suitable to be the Ash. However, Trick notes that the entire Hunt is set against the Stag and they never win to which Bo answers that they will have to find a way to change that.

Stag Hunt contenders (202)

Stag Hunt contenders

Bo notes the she will be at the Gala as a guest of Blackthorn and tells Trick that his is also invited which seems to shock Trick. Bo wonders if someone they know can be used as a means to get someone into the running for the Ash and disrupt the proceedings and Trick reveals that there is someone that they all know. Bo and Kenzi are seen next slamming Hale against a wall and demanding that he explain why he never told them that he was "hooked up." His answer is that his family disapproves of any attempt he has made of having his own life and that he doesn't want anything to do with politics. After trying to get him to change his mind by berating him, Bo and Kenzi then mockingly curtesy to him before Bo hits him on the chest and asks him to change his mind. Eventually he does relent, but tells Kenzi that she cannot be at the Gala because she is human and they are not allowed to be there.

Next Trick, Bo and Hale are seen arriving at the Gala as Bo explains her plan. She notes that at the Gala anything short of murder is allowed and as such the three of them, with Dyson also there as protection, should be able to sway voters and influence the Fae voters. They enter the Gala and Hale is announced as Baronett William Haley Francois Santiago of Clan Zamora. He receives a blue armband that notes him as a candidate at the same time. It is then shown that each voter receives a small clear disk called a Gias, which is placed into a tall glass tube that has the colour of each candidate's armband. There are several of them shown of various colours. Trick sees Dyson with someone and goes to him, Bo also sees him and moves in that direction as well, but she bumps into a Fae by accident. He talks to Bo for a moment, asks for her vote, and then walks off. Hale then appears and asks if she is okay to which Bo says that she has seen her target that being the Fae she just met who she calls "Mr. Green Armband." She notes the other contestants calling them "Cougar, Grandpa and Mr. Big." she also notes there are two other contenders that she does not see as a threat making a total of seven candidates. They split up to work the crowd and as they do we see Sabine sitting on a throne receiving honours dressed regally.

What follows next is a series of cut scenes that show the candidates working the crowd, Bo and her friends influencing the voters, and the voters eventually placing their votes. Several scenes show Hale glad-handing the voters and making promises that he would hold in his role as Ash. Bo makes an attempt to take "Mr. Green Armband" out of the running by feeding on him and influencing his thoughts. That appears to work for a moment, but he resists her and recognizes her for who she is, noting that she has some great talents before walking away, with Dyson passing behind Bo as he leaves. Hale is seen talking to some voters and "Cougar" passes by putting something into Hale's drink. He attempts to take a sip, but Dyson appears and removes the drink from Hale's grasp, placing it in the hands of "Grandpa" and shaking his finger at "Cougar" as she walks away. Bo in the meantime takes out "Mr. Big" and his associates as Dyson arrives and comments "nice."

Lachlan shoots Stag (202)

Bo tries to talk to him again about their relationship, but she is distracted by the sound of "Grandpa" falling to the floor and when she turns back Dyson has vanished again. Dyson is then confronted by Trick about what he is doing to Bo and asks him why he is tormenting her as it is not like him. Dyson's answer is that he isn't himself anymore, and that Trick didn't want them together anyway before walking away again as Blackthorn arrives to talk to Trick. They discuss the younger generation's faults for a moment, then the discussion turns to Bo and Blackthorn comments that Bo seems to take after her mother Aife. When Trick gives him a look, Blackthorn also comments that Trick needs to work on his poker face before walking away leaving Trick alone.

The episode continues with Sabine continuing to take honours and Bo meets her. She tells Sabine that Hamish is alive at least, but that he did not come to the Gala as far as she knows. Bo asks if Hamish could have betrayed her to which the answer is that they were in love with all they were and it was impossible. She asks Bo if she knows what that is like to which Bo answers: "Once. Apparently." Bo reveals that she and her friends will be at the Hunt to help her win it and live, but Sabine refuses saying that there is no point to living without Hamish. They are interrupted when a waitress drops her tray and Bo storms off as if following someone. She goes into a room where no one else is and looks around for a moment before head-butting the air which makes Hamish appear as he falls to the floor. Bo tells him that she can see auras and that his was hot for Sabine. Bo gets him to admit that he loves her, that he did not betray her, and that it was his family, in fear of their name being ruined by his actions that revealed what Sabine and Hamish were going to do. He also admits that he has spent the time since trying to find a way to get her out and free, but hasn't been able to because he is Dark Fae and is powerless to help her. Bo refutes that and tells him that he must help her, telling him that if he loves her, he will do anything for her before walking away in disgust with him.

Hamish spins Sabine-Stag (202)

Hamish spins Sabine

The next day the three contenders are at the Hunt. They are Hale, "Cougar", and "Mr. Green Band." They are given poison tipped arrows by Blackthorn and told the rules of the Hunt, those being that they cannot kill each other and can only use the weapons they have been given by him, before he sounds a horn and announces that the Hunt has begun. Sabine runs through the woods with the hunters in pursuit. A series of short scenes follows that show her dodging her attackers, eventually striking "Cougar" with her quills when she is trapped by her. Dyson grabs her from behind and guides her towards the goal after she agrees to trust him. Bo and Kenzi are also seen in the woods near the bell as Dyson and Sabine arrive. Dyson tells her to run for it and she tries to get there, but "Mr. Green Armband" appears out of nowhere and strikes her with an arrow just short of the bell.

We return to see the group gathered at Sabine's body, including Blackthorn. Dyson declares that Sabine is dead. He asks Blackthorn to leave Sabine to them to which the Blackthorn agrees. The horn is sounded again, but the winner of the Hunt then approaches Bo and tells her that he knows that she is the succubus that does as she pleases, but that she will not anymore before he leaves. Blackthorn and the rest also leave moments later. Dyson then says the coast is clear as Hale and Lauren appear moments later. Hamish also appears out of thin air and tries to explain that he tried to save Sabine. Lauren tells him that since the arrow didn't hit her heart they only have to deal with the poison and she does so bringing Sabine back to life. She looks up to see Hamish and they embrace, Sabine telling him that she knew he would come and help her. We cut away to see the new Ash finally being crowned elsewhere. While we do not know his name at this time, according to the show notes, his name is Lachian (Vincent Walsh). He stares at Trick as he walks away, Trick's only comment in any way being a nod to Blackthorn as he leaves the crowning.

Stag-Sabine shot by arrow (202)

Bo meets with Dyson at her home, trying to talk to him and get him to understand that she loves him in spite of what the Norn did. She thanks him for protecting her, she admits that her has been stubborn and blind to their relationship and she ask him if they can start over again. Dyson explains that this is all his fault, that wolves mate for life and that he does not regret giving that love to her, but the Norn took it. Bo says she understands but that while he might have lost his love, she hasn't lost hers for him. She kisses him, tells him that she wants to try again and show that the Norn cannot win, but Dyson rebuffs her. Bo then loses control for a moment, her eyes turning colour as she tells him that she can make him love her which makes Dyson growl at her in warning before pushing Bo back and snapping her out of it. She tries to apologize, but Dyson turns away and leaves her behind, telling her that she has to move on because he already has.

The final scenes begin with Trick at the bar talking to Blackthorn. Blackthorn comments that things seem to have gone well to which Trick is noncommittal in response. Trick comments that meeting Bo must have given Blackthorn some information about her and the people that protect her. Blackthorn notes that is was clever to bring Sabine back from the dead as there was nothing in the rules against it. Trick asked about Sabine, wondering how it was that she knew of Bo after eighty years in jail and where to find her to which Blackthorn admits that he might have had something to do with that. Trick wonders why Blackthorn really was in town and is told that there was a rumour that Trick was not a simple barkeep but in fact the Blood King. Trick tells him that he would be happy to have those rumours stop, that he should tell the High Council that he has no plans to be involved in power as long as they stop trying to find Aife. Blackthorn comments that Aife must have then reappeared, that Bo is her Daughter to which Trick answers that he would remain retired as long as they stay away from his and Bo's affairs. They finish their drinks and Blackthorn leaves but not before commenting: "Bartender my ass."

Lachlan becomes Ash (202)

Lachlan, The Ash

The final scene has Bo and Kenzi sitting on the couch together at home, eating ice cream and talking about what has happened with Dyson. Bo thinks she made an ass out of herself, but Kenzi disagrees. Bo laments that her relationship with Dyson is truly over, but Kenzi tells her about the "Tim effect", which is the first guy that Kenzi loved. Her mind was eventually willing to let him go, but her heart never really did and the problem was that she tried to get that feeling back but something inside of her never let her feel it again. Kenzi thinks that the Norn is blocking his heart and mind from feeling the same thing about Bo. Bo makes the comment that she is a succubus and can make anyone want her, but she can't make the man she loves, love her. She also makes the admission that whatever Dyson did, he did for her. But now he only wants to be friends and she has to tell him that she is okay with that relationship. Kenzi says that means that Bo is going to have to lie about it and Bo admits that she knows she will have to. Kenzi wishes her luck as she goes to get a pint of vanilla ice cream for them to share. The last image of the episode is a shot of Bo from behind sitting on the couch alone.

Songs and Music

  • Flute Sonata in G Minor - Arioso  by Kristian Southhouse / Jam Symposium
  • The Four Seasons: 'Autumn': III. Allegro composed  by Vivaldi; by Kristian Southhouse / Jam Symposium
  • Goa’s Wake Up  courtesy APM Music
  • Northern Lights  by Bad Hands feat. Britta Persson & Karl Larsson
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  • String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor D180: Andante con moto 'Death and the Maiden'  by Schubert / APM Music
  • Velvet Jazz  courtesy APM Music
  • We Are Everything  by Brandon Chandler


  • The episode title is, presumably, a parody of "I Fought the Law," the Sonny Curtis song made famous by the Bobby Fuller Four band in 1966, and ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time."  It was recorded by The Clash in 1979.