Hecuba Prison-Caged Fae (301)

Bo in Hecuba Prison

Hecuba Prison is a Light Fae maximum security detention center run by Amazons and built above Ley Lines.

301 Dyson and Kenzi - Hecuba Prison

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Hale, as Acting Ash, enlisted Bo on an undercover mission posing as a convict to expose corruption within the facility after prisoners that had served their time and were released never re-entered society and disappeared; while Lauren went undercover as the prison doctor to investigate why its former doctor, Dr. Evert (who had been her mentor through Lauren's first year with the Light), had abandoned the prisoners and gone missing.

Amazons (301)

The Warden and Amazons

When Bo discovered that a Liderc had disguised himself as a female to become The Warden of Hecuba Prison and was impregnating inmates to create and sell rare Fae babies, Hale forgave all but the most violent prisoners and shut down the prison.