Halima was an Aswang, a member of one of the oldest Fae orders, and a Light Fae.

Halima (106)
First appearance: Food for Thought










Light Fae


Carrion eater that prevents spread of viral agents from diseased flesh

Portrayed by:

Lynne Griffen

Character arc

Halima was a carrion-eater that fed from cadavers provided by a local funeral home run by Fae. Her latest delivery belonged to a man who had been infected with an unknown deadly toxin which she consumed after using his body parts to make soup.

She awoke in pain in the middle of the night, with blood dripping from her eyes. As the Aswang are some of the oldest and most respectable Fae orders, Lachlan sent Lauren and Bo to examine her and discover the source of her condition.

Kenzi tagged along with them and while Lauren was inspecting Halima, she helped herself to the hot soup on the stove.

Lauren could not determine what was wrong with Halima and had her transported to the Light Fae's medical facility and laboratory at The Ash's compound.

Kenzi also became infected with the same mysterious toxin and developed the same symptoms as Halima.

Bo and Lauren went undercover at the chemical laboratory where the cadaver was determined to have been infected and Lauren discovered that they were keeping a Basilisk on life support to conduct experiments with. The toxin that had infected Halima was determined to have originated from the Basilisk.

Basilisk (106) 2

Lauren had Bo take a skin sample from the Basilisk and then turned off its life support so that it could be allowed to die and prevent the laboratory from continuing to use it.

Halima's state became critical and she died before Lauren was able to create an anti-toxin from the skin sample.

Kenzi, who deteriorated as her condition became critical, was cured with the anti-toxin and saved from death.