Gleipnir (106)

The Gleipnir is a thin chain with the power to keep a Fenrir wolf leashed. Noted to increase durability the more someone tries to break free from it.

Trick acquired a piece of The Gleipnir, but was forced to trade it to another artifacts collector in exchange for an Abath Horn.

He needed the Abath Horn to grate and add to a tea that would alleviate the symptoms Kenzi was experiencing after being infected by a Fae virus, until Lauren and Bo could find the source of the virus and Lauren be able to create a cure for the disease.


In Norse mythology, Gleipnir is the binding that holds the mighty wolf Fenrisulfr (Fenrir). The Gods had attempted to bind Fenrir twice before with huge chains of metal, but Fenrir was able to break free both times. Therefore, they commissioned the dwarfs to forge a chain that was impossible to break. Even though a Gleipnir is as thin as a silken ribbon, it is stronger than any iron chain. Gleipnir is said to hold Fenrisulfr until Ragnarök, when it will break and it will devour Odin.[1]