Fae-nted Love
Season 2, Episode 18
LG-(218) Fae-nted Love
Air date March 4, 2012
Written by Shelley Scarrow
Directed by Michael DeCarlo
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The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire
Truth and Consequences

Fae-nted Love is the eighteenth episode of Season 2.


  • Shelley Scarrow


Kenzi and Trick must race to save Bo from the fallout of a steamy night gone awry before it binds the Succubus for a millennium. In its wake, Bo poses very uncomfortable questions to Trick about her origins.

218 Syfy


Bo is still with Ryan Lambert as the episode begins. Bo feeds from Ryan after she is injured and then afterwards tries once more to leave him. However, Ryan sends her gifts, singing telegrams and other things to sway her which Kenzi takes notice of. Kenzi's friend Tryst returns and asks for help in trying to figure out why his grandmother has changed her will to give everything to a strange church. Bo and Kenzi investigate and discover the leader of the church is a Fae called an Addonc, who splashes Bo with water making her lose her memory completely.

Bo, now not knowing she is a succubus, or who she is, meets Ryan and he tells her that they are madly in love with each other and asks her to marry him, and she agrees to do so. Ryan then pushes Bo into a marriage ceremony as Kenzi and Trick try to get a cure to her. They succeed in doing so, and Bo takes the cure and regains her memories. Trick also discovers why Ryan is infatuated with Bo and removes Bo's hold over him. Ryan and Bo finally end their relationship after the Addonc is stopped, each going on their own way, Ryan promising not to see Bo again.

Dyson is called in by The Ash to investigate an Under Fae prisoner, Acher, that is connected to the deaths of many Fae. Dyson interrogates him, but finds himself giving up as much information about himself as he is getting in return. Dyson's life and reason for living are questioned and he cannot find a reason to live. His truth is given to him that Dyson cannot live without love, and he is told to kill himself. But Dyson overcomes him, and obtains an admission of his guilt for the deaths of the Fae. Afterwards, Dyson leaves town on a motorcycle for places unknown.

Kenzi confronts Bo about lying to her about Ryan and they reconcile their relationship. Bo confronts Trick about what he knows and demands that when the battle with The Garuda is over, she wants real answers from him about her past and about Trick, who seems to know everything about her.

Songs and Music

  • Mendelssohn Wedding March  by Kristian Southhouse
  • Rolling Along  by Stephanie Cadman
  • Why Don't You Believe Me?  by Small Sins


  • The episode title is a nod to the 1964 song, "Tainted Love", which became famous worldwide after the 1981 recording by the English synthpop duo, Soft Cell.