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• February 1

In the United States, Part 2 of Season 5 (episodes 5.09 - 5.16) begins on Syfy (U.S.) at 10:00 p.m ET.


• October 25

The last episode of Lost Girl premieres on Showcase at 9:00 p.m. The series finale will be accompanied by a live tweet with the cast.

• October 13

Season 5 premieres in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Syfy UK at 9 p.m.

• September 7

In Australia, Part 2 of Season 5 premieres on Stan.com.au.

• September 6

Part 2 of Season 5, the final eight episodes (5.09 – 5.16), begins on Showcase at 9 p.m. ET.

• September 3

Showcase booth at Fan Expo gives fans the opportunity to record their own personal "Thank You" message to the cast and crew of the show.

Faewell To Lost Girl
Time:  5 to 9 PM
Thursday Fan Expo ticket required ( purchase @ http://fanexpocanada.com/tickets )
• August 21

The premiere episode of Season 5 Part 2, episode 5.09, is released online for a limited time (14 days) on the following digital platforms:

Showcase.ca, GlobalTV.com, YouTube, iTunes (Canada), ETCanada.com, Action-tv.ca, MyLifetimeTV.ca, Slice.ca, Global Go App, Showcase On Demand, Global On Demand, and shomi (on August 25).
Videos expire on all platforms on Thursday, September 3 at 11:59 pm ET.

Prior to the broadcast premiere of new episodes, viewers can also catch up on Seasons 1 – 4 exclusively on Canadian streaming service, shomi. The first half of Season 5 (Part 1) is currently available on Showcase.ca only.

• August 11

Zoie Palmer Q&A with fans on reddit.com.

• July 24

Anna Silk answers fan questions for HELLO! Canada magazine in one-on-one Q&A. Tweet questions now to: @HelloCanada. Include #HelloAnna in message.

• July 24

Announced:  Anna Silk will be at Dragon Con 2015.

• July 16

Season 4 DVD released in Australia by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

• June 4

After broadcast of Part 1 mid-season finale episode End of Faes, Syfy announced in a preview of Part 2 that Lost Girl will return in 2016.

• June 1

Lost Girl Series announced on Twitter  that Part 2 of Season 5, the final eight episodes (9 – 16), will start on Showcase on September 6, 2015, at 9 p.m.

• May 21

Lost Girl broadcast day on Syfy (U.S.) changed to Thursday at 10 PM (9 PM CT).

• April 28

Anna Silk is nominated for a 2015 Golden Maple Award by The Academy of Canadians in Sports & Entertainment - Los Angeles (ACISE-LA). Awards presented on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

"Best Actress in a TV Series Broadcasted in the US"
Anna Silk – Lost Girl, US Network: Syfy
• April 17 (Friday)

Season 5 premieres in the United States at 10 PM (9 PM CT) on Syfy – Part 1 (first 8 of 16 episodes).

• April 10

AfterEllen 2015 March Madness Winner

Best TV Couple: Bo and Lauren (Doccubus)
• March 1

2015 Canadian Screen Awards:

Anna Silk wins Fan Choice Award for Favourite Canadian Screen Star
• February 28

Season 5 premiered in Australia on Stan.com.au.

• February 23

Michael Grassi is nominated for a 2015 Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Award (WGC). Awards presentation event: Monday, April 27, 2015.

Lost Girl, Season 4 "La Fae Époque"
Written by Michael Grassi
• January 26

Season 4 premiered in Australia on Stan., as streaming content from the new online subscription service.

• January 13

Lost Girl is nominated in three categories of the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards (CSA) by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. Awards broadcast date: Sunday, March 1, 2015.

Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series
Lost Girl - In Memoriam
Craig Wright
Best Achievement in Casting
Lost Girl - In Memoriam
Lisa Parasyn, John Comerford
Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series
Lost Girl - In Memoriam, Origin
Paul Amos
• January 5

2014 AfterEllen Visibility Awards

Favorite TV Drama – Readers' Choice: Lost Girl
Hottest Hook Up in Film/TV – Editors' Pick: Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl


• December 19

Bo is named one of the top 100 sci-fi characters of all time by the British Film Insitute.

The Best Sci-Fi Characters of All Time: the verdict (The top 100)
December 19, 2014. BFI (British Film Institute)
Number 92: Bo Dennis, Lost Girl
• December 7 (Sunday)

Season 5 premieres on Showcase at 9 PM – Part 1 (first 8 of 16 episodes).

• October 30

Lost Girl is the subject of a scholarly panel at the 2014 Film & History Conference (hosted by the University of Wisconsin–Madison). Location: Madison, WI, USA.

PANEL 3016 Queer Film and Television I: Low Budget, High Aspirations: Lost Girl and the Paradoxes of Representation in a "Post-Queer" Universe
- "It's time"
- "Right on the Target, Wide of the Mark:" Sexuality and Ethics in the World of Lost Girl
- Sexual Power on Lost Girl: Gateway to a Golden Age?
• August 25

Showcase/Shaw Media and Anna Silk announced that Season 5 will be the Final Season.

August 25, 2014. Shaw Media (Press Release)

To conclude the series, an additional three episodes have been added for a total of 16 episodes. The season will be split into two parts with the first eight episodes beginning in 2014 — followed by the second eight episodes later in 2015.

• July 25

Emmanuelle Vaugier will be at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con: Booth 3745, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

• July 24

Season 4 becomes available on Netflix USA for streaming and rental of DVD and Blu-ray.

• June 24

Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray released in Canada and the United States by Giant Ape Media (FUNimation Productions).

• May 31

Lost Girl Panel at 2014 Toronto LGBT Film Festival

Panelists: Anna Silk, Paul Amos, Vanessa Piazza (Exec Producer), Michael Grassi (Season 5 Showrunner & Exec Producer)
• May 19

Season 4 DVD released in the United Kingdom (UK and Ireland) by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

• April 4

Lost Girl is included in academic publication:

Heroines of Film and Television: Portrayals in Popular Culture
by Norma Jones (Editor), Maja Bajac-Carter (Editor), Bob Batchelor (Editor)
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication date: April 4, 2014
ISBN-10: 1442231491
ISBN-13: 978-1442231498
• March 9

2014 Canadian Screen Awards:

Lost Girl wins Fan Choice Award for Favourite Canadian Show
Zoie Palmer wins Fan Choice Award for Favourite Canadian Screen Star

Season 5  news from Showcase – Shaw Media – Prodigy Pictures

Season 5 Lost Girl Showcase banner.jpg

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on series finale "Rise"
October 25, 2015. Cinefilles

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "Follow the Yellow Trick Road"
October 11, 2015. Cinefilles

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "Family Portrait"
October 9, 2015. Cinefilles

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "Judgement Fae"
September 28, 2015. Cinefilles

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "Sweet Valkyrie High"
September 20, 2015. Cinefilles

'Lost Girl' Talk: Michael Grassi on "44 Minutes to Save the World"
September 7, 2015. Cinefilles

Faewell To Lost Girl
September 3, 2015. Showcase

Watch a Special Pre-Release of Mr. Robot, Continuum and Lost Girl
August 19, 2015. Showcase Blog

August 19, 2015. Shaw Media (Press Release)

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "End of Faes"
January 25, 2015. Cinefilles

'Lost Girl' Talk: Michael Grassi on "Here Comes the Night"
January 18, 2015. Cinefilles

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts"
January 11, 2015. Cinefilles

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "It's Your Lucky Fae"
January 4, 2015. Cinefilles

♦  ( There was no post-episode interview for When God Opens a Window )

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "Big in Japan"
December 21, 2014. Cinefilles

'LOST GIRL' TALK: Michael Grassi on "Like Hell, Part 2"
December 14, 2014. Cinefilles

Watch Lost Girl Season 5 with Enhanced Video
December 8, 2014. Showcase Blog: Lost Girl (Shaw Media)

'LOST GIRL' TALK: "Like Hell, Part 1"
December 7, 2014. Cinefilles

The Showcase Winter 2015 Lineup
December 1, 2014. Showcase Blog: Lost Girl (Shaw Media)

December 1, 2014. Shaw Media (Press Release)  [typographical error in release date]

New faces to join the Fae-mily for Lost Girl's Final Season
November 28, 2014. Showcase Blog: Lost Girl (Shaw Media)

November 28, 2014. Shaw Media

Fifth Season of Lost Girl to be its last
August 25, 2014. Showcase Blog: Lost Girl (Shaw Media)

August 25, 2014. Shaw Media

Production Begins on Lost Girl Season 5
April 9, 2014. Showcase Blog: Lost Girl (Shaw Media)

April 09, 2014. Shaw Media (Press Release)

Lost Girl Renewed for a 'Fae'fth Season!
February 27, 2014. Showcase Blog: Lost Girl (Shaw Media)

February 27, 2014. Shaw Media (Press Release)

Articles and Interviews

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Number 7
Bo and Lauren bid a most fond fairwell (Lost Girl, season 2, episode 6)

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The Starlost Award for Best Canadian Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series: Lost Girl

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Finally, Here Are Some On-Screen Depictions Of Bisexuals Done Right
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Returning: Lost Girl
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Lost Girl's Zoie Palmer talks Doccubus and final episodes
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AfterEllen 2015 Hot 100
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Number 12: Zoie Palmer
Number 18: Anna Silk
Number 43: Rachel Skarsten
Number 69: Ksenia Solo

Emmanuelle Vaugier Interview
August 31, 2015. Wingman Magazine

13 Reasons We're Heartbroken That "Lost Girl" Is Almost Over
August 26, 2015. BuzzFeed

Showcase puts Lost Girl and Continuum final episodes online ahead of broadcast
August 19, 2015. TV, eh?

Emmanuelle Vaugier returns to Lost Girl
August 16, 2015. Wingman Magazine

Zoie Palmer Q&A on reddit
August 11, 2015. reddit

Why Buffy fans should watch Lost Girl
August 5, 2015. Den Of Geek

Anna Silk talks women, son Sam and 'Lost Girl's big finale: 'We finished so strong'
July 31, 2015. HELLO! Canada

Interview: Lost Girl's Emmanuelle Vaugier drops by Mistresses
July 7, 2015. TV, eh?

Anna Silk on Doccubus, Boobs O’Clock and k.d. Lang  [VIDEO]
July 2, 2015. AfterEllen

Zoie Palmer Brings Dark Matter's Android to Life
June 11, 2015. The TV Junkies

Top 10 Fae-vorite Lost Girl-on-Girl Sex Scenes
June 2, 2015. SheWired

A Woman You Should Meet: Anna Silk
June 2015. Sharp Magazine

Prime Time Sci Fi TV: The 2014-15 Season Wraps Up with the Finales for The Flash, iZombie, and Supernatural; Lost Girl and Bitten Get a Schedule Shift
May 16, 2015. Cancelled Sci Fi

Lost Girl's Final Season Interview w/ Zoie Palmer & Anna Silk
May 1, 2015. Pop Junkie Girl

Exclusive: Zoie Palmer on the Final Season of Lost Girl
May 1, 2015. SciFi Vision

Golden Maple Awards Nominees Revealed
April 28, 2015. The Hollywood Reporter

Canadian Stars Honoured With Nominations For Golden Maple Awards
April 28, 2015. ET Canada

Lost Girl at C2E2: An Interview with Paul Amos and Emmanuelle Vaugier
April 25, 2015. The Geekiary

Stars Anna Silk & Zoie Palmer on the Final Season of Lost Girl
April 22, 2015. SciFi Vision

Anna Silk on the Final Season of Lost Girl
April 22, 2015. Legion of Leia

The Fae Files #20 – Lost Girl Syfy Media Call April 2015  [PODCAST]
Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer
April 18, 2015. Tuning in to SciFi TV

Advance Review: The Final Season of Lost Girl is Still As Kick-Ass as Ever
April 16, 2015. SciFi Vision

Anna Silk Talks Lost Girl Final Season
April 15, 2015. Are You Screening?

Exclusive: An interview with Anna Silk about the end of "Lost Girl," Doccubus and more
April 14, 2015. AfterEllen

Exclusive: Anna Silk on the Final Season of Lost Girl, Returning Friday to Syfy
April 13, 2015. SciFi Vision

Ksenia Solo on Kenzi, her new 'Turn' and possibly breaking up Cosima and Delphine
April 10, 2015. Cinefilles

The AfterEllen.com's 2015 March Madness Winner Is...
April 10, 2015. AfterEllen

Best TV Couple: Bo and Lauren (Doccubus)

Ksenia Solo says her Orphan Black character is no Kenzi
April 7, 2015. Toronto Star

March 25, 2015. Syfy (Press Release) (NBCUniversal)

You Asked, Emmanuelle Vaugier Answered!
March 17, 2015. GALO Magazine

CSA 2015 Red Carpet Chat: Lost Girl's Paul Amos
March 3, 2015. The Televixen

March 3, 2015. TV by the Numbers

March 2, 2015. Shaw Media (Press Release)

Canadian Screen Awards For 'Rookie Blue', 'Lost Girl', 'Vikings' & More
March 1, 2015. ET Canada

'Mommy,' 'Pompeii' big winners at Canadian Screen Awards
March 1, 2015. Global News

How the star of Lost Girl, actress Anna Silk, is creating a brighter future for girls!
February 25, 2015. Because I am a Girl (Plan Canada)

Writers Guild of Canada announces 2015 Award finalists
February 23, 2015. TV, eh?

The 2015 WGC Screenwriting Awards Finalists
February 23, 2015. Writers Guild of Canada

Send Us Your Questions for Actress Emmanuelle Vaugier!
February 23, 2015. GALO Magazine

Diary of the Week: Canada Stars in Awards Season Gala and the Snowflake Ball
February 20, 2015. HELLO! Canada

LOST GIRL's Rachel Skarsten Says Final Season to Air April 9th in the US & UK
February 20, 2015. Nerdist

'Lost Girl' Actress Anna Silk Bids Adieu To The Supernatural Series
February 18, 2015. GALO Magazine

Lost Girl TV show sets find home in Brantford
February 13, 2015. Brantford Expositor

Quantum Entanglement Entertainment, Inc. Donating 'Lost Girl' Sets to Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
February 11, 2015. Marketwired

Rachel Skarsten talks '50 Shades of Grey', 'Lost Girl' and Suetables
February 11, 2015. The GATE

'Lost Girl' star Anna Silk's 10 best quotes
February 2, 2015. HELLO! Canada

Lost Girl's Paul Amos Chats CSA Nomination & Teases Tonight's Episode
January 18, 2015. The Televixen

2015 Canadian Screen Awards - Television Nominations
January 13, 2015. Back Alley Film Productions Ltd.

2015 CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS - Television Nominations
January 13, 2015. Canadian Screen Awards (Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television)

Shaw Media earns dozens of Canadian Screen Awards nominations
January 13, 2015. Global News (Shaw Media)

Feminism in Television
January 12, 2015. HuffPost Entertainment (The Huffington Post)

Behind The Scenes Of Cheryl Hickey's 'Lost Girl' Appearance [VIDEO]
January 9, 2015. Global News (Shaw Media)

2014 AfterEllen Visibility Awards
January 5, 2015. AfterEllen

Favorite TV Drama – Readers' Choice: Lost Girl
Hottest Hook Up in Film/TV – Editors' Pick: Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl

Getting Lost with Rick Howland and Rachel Skarsten
January 2015. Gay Calgary Magazine (Online)

The most kick ass TV women of the year
December 31, 2014. The TV Junkies

The women of Lost Girl

Emmanuelle Vaugier – Lost Girl
December 28, 2014. Starry Constellation Magazine

Introducing the Newest Member of Lost Girl’s Faemily, Luke Bilyk!
December 28, 2014. The Televixen

12 Reasons Television's LGBT Women Crushed It in 2014
December 22, 2014. SheWired

Number 10: Lost Girl

The Best Sci-Fi Characters of All Time: the verdict (The top 100)
December 19, 2014. BFI (British Film Institute)

Number 92: Bo Dennis, Lost Girl

Results: Your favourite Canadian shows of 2014 were ...
December 19, 2014. TV, eh?

Number 1: Lost Girl

Critics Vote: Top 10 Canadian Shows of 2014
December 18, 2014. The TV Junkies

Number 9: Lost Girl

Best Canadian TV Of 2014: Shows And Moments That Ruled The Small Screen
December 16, 2014. HuffPost Canada TV (The Huffington Post)

Review: Lost Girl goes to hell and back
December 15, 2014. TV, eh?

Ksenia Solo On Leaving 'Lost Girl,' Her Fans, And What She's Going To Do Next
December 9, 2014. Huffpost TV Canada (The Huffington Post)

Review: Lost Girl visits Valhalla
December 8, 2014. TV, eh?

Exclusive: Lost Girl cast and crew discuss season premiere and preview final season
December 8, 2014. The TV Watercooler

Anna Silk talks about the fifth and final season of 'Lost Girl'
December 8, 2014. The GATE

TV Tonight, Dec. 7: Lost Girl begins its final season
December 7, 2014. Toronto Star

Lost Girl's Anna Silk: Bo Is on Top of Her Game in Season 5
December 7, 2014. The Televixen

LOST GIRL Season 5: Anna Silk Reflects on a Remarkable Run, Previews Tonight's Premiere
December 7, 2014. The TV Addict

Lost Girl's Kris Holden-Ried: Dyson Has an Interesting New Journey Ahead
December 6, 2014. The Televixen

Set Visit: Lost Girl cast gears up to say goodbye
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To Hell and Back - Interview with Lost Girl's Anna Silk
December 5, 2014. SciFiAndTvTalk

'Lost Girl' Season 5: Everything You Need To Know
December 5, 2014. HuffPost TV Canada (The Huffington Post)

Lost Girl's Last Chapter: 5 questions with 'Lost Girl' star Anna Silk
December 5, 2014. HELLO! Canada

Saying goodbye to Lost Girl
December 5, 2014. The TV Junkies

Anna Silk: Bo goes 'Kill Bill' in ‘Lost Girl' Season 5
December 5, 2014. Cinefilles

'Lost Girl' Stars Promise A Satisfying Final Season
December 5, 2014. ET Canada

Get ready for the "Lost Girl" final season with this preview and primer
December 5, 2014. AfterEllen

Exclusive Interview: Lost Girl's Anna Silk
December 4, 2014. The TV Watercooler

Lost Girl's Rick Howland: There Are Many More Pages to Trick's Story
December 4, 2014. The Televixen

Steampunk Granny Chats with "Lost Girl" Anna Silk
December 3, 2014. Biff Bam Pop!

Anna Silk: Final season of 'Lost Girl' does not tread lightly
December 2, 2014. Toronto Sun

Anna Silk On Lost Girl
December 2, 2014. CraveOnline

Exclusive Interview: Lost Girl's Rachel Skarsten
December 2, 2014. The TV Watercooler

Showcase announces Helix return, Lost Girl mid-season finale (from Media Release)
December 1, 2014. TV, eh?

"Lost Girl" teases us with new Season 5 images
December 1, 2014. AfterEllen

Last Picture Show
December 1, 2014. Dorothy Surrenders

Chatting Lost Girl Season 5 with Producers Michael Grassi & Vanessa Piazza
November 30, 2014. The Televixen

'Lost Girl's' Star-Studded Final Season Heads To Showcase
November 29, 2014. ET Canada

November 28, 2014. TV, eh?

Eight important things about the first full "Lost Girl" Season 5 promo
November 17, 2014. AfterEllen

Last Girl
October 2, 2014. Dorothy Surrenders

Anna Silk announces final season of 'Lost Girl: "The most powerful season yet"
August 26, 2014. Hello! Canada

'Lost Girl' To End Run With Fifth Season
August 26, 2014. TVWise

Leaving Girl
August 26, 2014. Dorothy Surrenders

August 25, 2014. PIXEL 51 - Stimuli - The Blog

Syfy's 'Lost Girl' Ending After Fifth Season
August 25, 2014. The Hollywood Reporter

Lost Girl to end after five seasons
August 25, 2014. TV, eh?

Syfy's Lost Girl Ending After Season 5, Star Anna Silk Announces
August 25, 2014. TVLine

'Lost Girl' star Anna Silk on the show ending after season 5
August 25, 2014. Entertainment Weekly

Anna Silk Announces Final Season Of 'Lost Girl'
August 25, 2014. ET Canada

"Lost Girl" announces upcoming Season 5 will be its last
August 25, 2014. AfterEllen

An interview with Anna Silk about "Lost Girl" Season 5
July 22, 2014. AfterEllen

'Lost Girl' Season 5 Premiere Preview: Big Surprises Coming For Fans
April 21, 2014. HuffPost TV Canada (The Huffington Post)

'Lost Girl' Season 5: 'Buffy' Star Charisma Carpenter To Guest Star (EXCLUSIVE)
April 8, 2014. HuffPost Canada TV

'Lost Girl' Renewed for Fifth Season on Canada's Showcase
February 27, 2014. The Hollywood Reporter

'Lost Girl' renewed for Season 5
February 27, 2014. The Loop (TV Guide.ca)