End of Faes
Season 5, Episode 8
LG-(508) End of Faes
Air date January 25, 2015
Written by Ley Lukins
Lauren Gosnell
Directed by Ron Murphy
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44 Minutes to Save the World

End of Faes is the eighth episode of Season 5.


  • Ley Lukins
  • Lauren Gosnell


Bo and the gang attend a party with a mission to take down a new enemy.



Bo and gang - Ancients party (508)
Bo and Lauren (508)
Dyson knocks Heratio (508)
Oracle eyes coquetel (508)
Bo Trick Zee and coquetel (508)
Lauren and Tamsin confront Heratio (508)
Mark and Iris (508)
Zee strikes Tamsin (508)
Dyson-Lauren-Bo search (508)
Bo touched Nyx-Iris (508)
Nyx - Fae book (508)
Jack in the box (Book of Fae) (508)
Bo zapped by Zee (508)
Hades (508)
Bo opens Jack in the box (508)

Songs and Music

  • Blue Sophisticate  courtesy APM Music
  • Club Piano  courtesy APM Music
  • East 34th Street  courtesy APM Music
  • Serve Chilled  courtesy APM Music
  • Starlight  courtesy APM Music


Zee's Aegis Shield appears for the first time on a wall of the penthouse occupied by the Ancient family. It's interesting to note that during the scene between Bo and Lauren at the end of Fae Gone Wild — when Lauren tells Bo about being in the Congo, Nadia's comatose state, and why she became enslaved by the Light Fae — the music used for the soundtrack of the scene was Aegis (by Johnny Hollow), which continued through the closing credits.