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All categories in the  Lost Girl Wiki  are labeled with the  Content  category. This is the master category for all categories that exist in the wiki.

Every article ( page ) in the wiki is labeled with the categories it falls under.

Example:   Season 1CharactersFaeDark Fae

The collection of articles in the  Lost Girl Wiki  are thereby located and found under their designated categories.

How to add a category to a Page

In the  Visual  or  Source  editing screen of the article ( page ) you can use the Wikia editing tool in the column on the right side of the screen.  In the  [ Categories ]  section, were you see the  [ Add category... ]  window,  type the category the page is about.

Example:   Season 1FaeEvents

Select each category when it appears in the larger window box below it.

  • Click the blue   > [ Publish ] <   button at the  top/RIGHT  of screen
  • Without entering the  Visual or Source  editing screen — at the bottom of the page's screen in the bar area where you see  [ Category:(title) ] — type the individual categories for the article.
  • When each category appears click  >  [ Enter ]

If you use the second way of doing it ( " or " ) make sure that you spell the title of a category correctly … otherwise you will be creating a new category which does not exist in the wiki ( it will appear in RED if created ).

Therefore, before you create a new page check  Content  first for the categories that exist and will apply to the new page.

How to upload an Image File and include the correct category

Un-categorized image files create broken file links within the wiki.

Read  How to Upload an IMAGE FILE and VIDEO  for instructions and wiki policy regarding uploading media files to the  Lost Girl Wiki.

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